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Paulaner Chimney Down

     Hundreds of curious onlookers watched the blowing up of the Paulaner Beer Brewer Chimney at the Münchner Nockherberg.  (know from the “Derblecken” (roast). Paulaner beer is sold in three of the big beer tents on the “Wiesn” (Oktoberfest; Paulaner Festhalle Winzerer Fähndl with the striking yellow tower with the giant Maß, “Armbrustschützen-Festhalle” and “Käfer Wiesn-Schänke”. […]

40 y Rocky Horror

      THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Early this morning Luck Duck Sheila and some friends attended the 40’th anniversery of the first night opening of classical movie  “THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW” in the “Museum-Lichtspiele München” which lasts 40 hours with ongoing repeating performances for 40 hours. You can still join (until 25.06.2017 evening). It […]


The ski-jumping hill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (in Partenkirchen) is lying at the Gudiberg (Gudi-mountain, in Partenkirchen) and puts  up the New-Years ski jumping event every year as part of the “Vierschanzentournee” , the pinnacle of the ski jumping season in Europe. It was also the site of the Olympic Games 1936, however on a much older […]

Canards Jets Aviators Rockets

As Sheila next to being a passionate traveller also has a lot of interest in technical stuff she visited the “Flugwerft Schleißheim” at Oberschleißheim north of Munich. (next to the Wittelsbacher castle complex of Schleißheim) Sheila was able to look at and walk through a fascinating Dornier Do 31 E-3, 1967 a vertical-start aircraft like the […]

181 Happy NY

Sheila celebrated the New Years Eve in Munichs highest restaurant, “Restaurant 181“. The restaurant revolves round the Munich TV Tower and offers a splendid view over Munich and has 230 seats. It is situated almost on top of the Munich “Olympiaturm”, a TV tower which was built in time to participate at the Olympic Games 1972 […]

The Wall

The city of Munich planed to open a new refugee camp for unattended minors but could not advance as the city wanted as neighbours sued the city and achieved, that the city was obliged to built a wall in Munich Neuperlach against the noise coming from the planed playgrounds and sports grounds. Germany has very complicated […]

Linie Acht

museum As Sheila latetely casted suspision on the fact, that there is a big lie in the still popular song and comedy sketch of “Weiß Ferdl“, a popular bavarian comedian (1883-1949), she visited the big event of the 140 anniversery of the “Münchner Trambahn” (Munich Tramway, before called “Münchener Tramway” (the invester Outlet from Belgium could not […]

Welfare, Witch, World Trade

Augsburg was a big and important roman settlement. Augusta Vindelicorum was founded 15 bc under emperor Augustus and was the capital of of the Roman province “Raetia”.  There is not much to see though from that roman time, seems like Augsburg tries to hide the remains to avoid to have to fool around  to much when there […]

Deutsches Museum München

At the place where they now display a rescue ship they for some years used to Displacy locomotive  “Katharina” (E 69 01″) which was deployed on the Ammergaubahn. Katharina today is in a locomotive museum in Freilassing. A sister of Katharina “Johanna” (E 69 04) today is displayed in front of it’s old home train station in […]

Indemann, coal pit

Luck Duck Sheila visited the coal pit Inden and coal power plant Weisweiler, one of the biggest CO2 polluters in Europe.

Wear Clean Underwear LD1

 Statue of Count of Rumford, Munich Germany, Maximilianstraße “Graf Von Rumford” (Count of Rumford), born as Benjamin Thomson 1753 as son of a farmer in North Woburn , Massachusetts was a colorful personality of his time. He was an army officer, salesman, teacher, scientist, Inventor and made himselve a name for a line of underwear […]

Kölner Dom, Cologne Cathedral

i The Kölner Dom in Köln, correctly called Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus is a UNESCO world heritage and as the People of Cologne believe the Center of the world. The construction startet in the 13’th century and the Dom was almost finished 1889 in a national campain . The campain was started by Prussion King […]

lower, Zugspitze

Austria (here Bundesland “Tirol” also possesses a part of the Zugspitze summit plateau but only a lower and smaller part. The austrian buildings such as the summit station of their gondola cableway are more like hanging on the side of the mountain. Crossing the border is easy, Sheila did not have to show her passport.    Picture on […]

Highest, Zugspitze

  Sheila facing her adventurous trip on Germanys highest mountain, the Zugspitze (2962 m). The already quite old gondola cableway took Sheila right up next to the summit before she went down with another gondola into the skiing area which is shared between Germany and Austria.   The German/Bavarian nationality mark points out the border […]

Kammerl, power plant

Ulrich on the birthday of the FC Bayern soccer club also visited the historical electrical power plant for the pioneer electrical railroad “Lokalbahn Murnau-Oberammergau“. Lokomotive “Johanna” served on that railroad.   The power plant “Kammerl” provided electricity for the electrical railraod company “Lokalbahn Murnau-Oberammergau” who started electrical operation 1905 after tests 1900.  It also served the […]

Johanna E6904

To celebrate the birthday of the soccer club FC Bayern München (27.02.1900) and his regained liberty after doing time in Stadelheim a good friend of Luck Duck Sheila, Ulrich, visited the electric lokomotive “Johanna”.     The lokomotive operated on the “Ammergaubahn” and the first test drives on the historic electrical route took place in […]

BMW Welt Munich

The BMW Welt is a place were you can pick up your new BMW car in a special organised event next to one of the BMW production plants. There are great, interesting museums too, shops and intersting architecture. The restaurant has become popular too (now two!! update  Michelin Star, Esszimmer) and offers dinner with take you home service […]

Alpine Coaster Oberammergau

Luck Duck Sheila enjoyed a ride in the “Alpine Coaster” in “Oberammergau” which used to be the longest ride of it’s kind. Nowadays there is a longer one of the same kind in Austria “Imst”.                       Sheila had a tasty lunch on the terrace of the mountain station “Kolbensattelhütte” in the sun […]

Audi Ingolstadt

Luck Duck Sheila had lunch in the buffet restaurant in the “Audi Forum” in “Ingolstadt”, Germany, Bavaria. The Audi Forum is a place were you can pick up your new Audi car next to the Audi wide pread production plant. There is a museum too, shops and intersting architecture. The restaurant offers good food for good prices, […]

Cape Of Good Hope

            Luck Duck Sheila visited the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa close to Cape town on a sunny, clear day. Many people visited the place too and the sign with the name at the entrance of the Cape Park was a very busy souvenir background and Sheila had to share it. Sheila also […]

Brocken, Hartz

As no Duck here has been documented to have been travelling with a authentic steam train Sheila took the opportunity to take such a train up on top of Germany’s most iconic mountain, the “Brocken” in the low mountain landscape “Hartz”.  The trainstation on the “Brocken” is situated at an height of 1125 m and […]

Autostadt Wolfsburg, VW

Luck Duck Sheila used the opportunity to visit the “Autostadt” (Car City) in Wolfsburg, Germany. Here you can enjoy entertainment, museums, water fountain shows, food, events or pick up your new “Volkswagen” (VW) car. Icons of the “Autostadt” are the “Autotürme” (car towers). 800 cars are stored transitionally for about 48 hours in the towers […]

Codenames Duck + Cerusit

 Southern Tunnel of “Ente” (Duck) As Sheila was in the area she visited the former underground fight plane construction plant near “Eschenlohe”, Germany. It was installed in the campain “U-Verlagerung” by the Nazi regime 1943. (resettlement and decentralisation of war industry to underground locations) Purpose was to move those plants to bomb proof locations. These […]

Echelsbacher Bridge

Luck Duck Sheila visited the “Echelsbacher Brücke” (Bridge) which  with a length of 182 is still the longest spanning Melan-Bow-Bridge. The Bridge spannes across the Ammer river at a place called the Echelsbacher Canyon. Under emperor “Ludwig der Bayer” (Ludwig IV the Bavarian) long before here was a route called “Via Imperii”  at that time and crossing the river and […]

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