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Red vs. Blue Razorbacks / Hogs

Today a historical football game took place, the first match of the Red against the Blue Razorback in the German Zweite Bundesliga (second league). A event Sheila could not miss. So we drove to Fürstenfeldbruck west of Munich and startet the sportive day with a big american burger and frensh fries and some cake of […]

Landsberg am Lech

The picturesque mediaeval town of Landsberg am Lech ist situated 55 km west of Munich and 35 km south of Augsburg. Sheila in the “Hexenviertel” (witches quarter) and on the “Schlossberg”. (the castle was turned down about 1800). The name Hexenviertel steems from a red heired femal painter  who lived and painted in the romantic […]

Knights, Rafts,Grünwald

Burg Grünwald even existed before 1000 ad and was mentioned in documents as possession of the Dukes of Andechs in the 12 century. 1272 it came into the possession of the Wittelsbacher. Duke Ludwig II, der Strenge (the rigorous) was able to buy it. It was used as a save heaven to escape the City of […]


 The Moseltalbrücke is a spectacular Bridge over the Mosel River and part of the freeway (Autobahn A61). It was built between 1969 and 1971. The European hiking Trail E1 crosses the Bridge  underneath here.

Dom zu Speyer, Cathedral Speyer

    Speyer is the site of the annuel Hasepieler Entenrennen, a place Sheila had to visit after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe suggested “Macht euch auf nach Speyer” (Götz von Berlichingen, in a hall in “Bamberg“). Besides that it is the site of one of Germanies most iconic churches and burial site of kings and […]

Kölner Dom, Cologne Cathedral

i The Kölner Dom in Köln, correctly called Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus is a UNESCO world heritage and as the People of Cologne believe the Center of the world. The construction startet in the 13’th century and the Dom was almost finished 1889 in a national campain . The campain was started by Prussion King […]

Carnival in June, Andernach

To celebrate Luck Duck Sheila’s visit to Andernach at the Rhine, the good People of Andernach postponed the annual Carnival “Rosenmontags” (rose monday) celebration and Parade which has a 600 years history in Andernach from “Rosenmontag” February to a Saturday in June for the first time. It had been canceled before but never postponed.   No, of […]

Middle Rhine Valley

Sheila wanted to visit another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Middle Rhine Valley and the little Miss insisted to have the trip profoundly and as cheesely as possible documented. So here is her newest story. The area puts up the world wide highest density of castles. The chosen Nostalgic Route on the ship “Goethe” had […]

Luang Prabang, Laos, north

As Sheila likes to travel on ships she had many oppertunities to do so in Laos. She went on a cruise from Luang Prabang with “Shompoo Cruise” and enjoyed the spectacular river and landscape on the way. Along the river she stayed in the Pakbeng Lodge in Pakbeng with a nice view.  This pictures shows […]

Laos Wat Xieng Thong

The Royal temple Wat Xieng Thong (royal timple until 1975) is one of the major tourist sites in Laos. The temple of the golden city is situated in the town Luang Phrabang along the Mekong river.    


The “Wallhalla” in the municipality of “Regensburg” is a kind of Hall Of Fame for important german charakter who are commemorated there with busts for each one. Let me just name some of them: physicist “Albert Einstein”, writer “Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe”, composer “Richard Wagner”, “Friedrich Schiller”, emperor “Otto I. the Great”, Duke “Heinrich der […]

Monastery Weltenburg, Danube Breakthrough



Kehlheim is situated in lower Bavaria at the fork of the rivers Danube and the “Main Donau Kanal”, at the exit of the Danube Breakthrough. It came into the possession of the Wittelsbacher in the 11’th century. Bavarian Duke Otto I. gave it city rights. It was a favoured residenze of the Wittelsbacher until to […]

Befreiungshalle, Kehlheim

The “” above the city of Kehlheim  on the “Michelsberg” commemorates the heros of the “Liberation Wars” against Napoleon 1813 – 1815. And the tribes who joined in the war. It opened 1863 at the 50th’s anniversery of the “Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig”, the first significant defeat of Napoleon. This battle was the maybe biggest battle in […]

Bad Reichenhall

Bad Reichenhall might be as old as 2600 b.C. as objects found show. Keltic and roman objects proof early settlements. It is not clear if salt was produced here, before the romans started to produce salt here on a big scale and called it “ad salinas”. Ever since that time the salt was a important and […]

Autostadt Wolfsburg, VW

Luck Duck Sheila used the opportunity to visit the “Autostadt” (Car City) in Wolfsburg, Germany. Here you can enjoy entertainment, museums, water fountain shows, food, events or pick up your new “Volkswagen” (VW) car. Icons of the “Autostadt” are the “Autotürme” (car towers). 800 cars are stored transitionally for about 48 hours in the towers […]

Echelsbacher Bridge

Luck Duck Sheila visited the “Echelsbacher Brücke” (Bridge) which  with a length of 182 is still the longest spanning Melan-Bow-Bridge. The Bridge spannes across the Ammer river at a place called the Echelsbacher Canyon. Under emperor “Ludwig der Bayer” (Ludwig IV the Bavarian) long before here was a route called “Via Imperii”  at that time and crossing the river and […]

Nordheim am Main Luck Duck Sheila

Luck Duck Sheila visited one of Germany’s famous wine producing areas, “Mainfranken” in northern Bavaria. She visited Nordheim on the “Wine Island”, a area surrounded by several arms of the “Main” River. And Sommerach as well. Sheila enjoyed several of the famous and popular wines of the area such as the “Nordheimer Vögelein”, the “Sommeracher Katzenkopf” […]

Munich Eisbachwelle Surfspot Luck Duck Sheila Surfing

Since more than 30 years the Surfer Scene meets on Munichs “Eisbachwelle” (Ice-Brook Wave, Eisbach-Wave) right in the middle of Downtown Munich at the “Prinzregentenstraße”. It’s one of the top Surfspots world wide. After a lot of disussions and a real estate deal between the city of Munich and the State of Bavaria which clarified the […]

Spree River, Berlin

This picture was given to me by a friend who saw this poor lonly, abandoned Duck on a trip on the Spree river in Berlin. If anybody of you team members here forgot this duck shame on you.

Naaga Al Foukani

Instead of going on a tour to popular Abu Simbel starting from Assuan, Luck Duck Sheila chose a more individual and cheaper treat. She went to the western side of the Nil on a small pirogue/feluke operated by the locals and went up to the Assuan Necropolis hill. It was visible from Assuan  close to Naaga […]

Victoria Hotel in Chau Doc

Sheila stayed in the lovely Victoria Hotel in Chau Doc close to the Cambodian border which belongs to a group which operates a luxury train in Asia as well as the ferry service from Vietnam to Phnum Peng Cambodia. The hotel offers a spledid view over some rivers in the Mekong delta with a lot of action on […]

Phnom Penh

As it ist one of Luck Duck Sheilas biggest pleasure, to collect countries, she went on a day boat trip on a speed boat to Phnum Peng/Cambodia starting from the vietnamese border. Border formalities in Cambodia and Vietnam where formal, but she could play with the roaster and chicken after leaving the boat for the immigration […]


  Holiday time. We were touring South America and decided to hop on a boat to Colonia, Uruguay for the day. This is the best we could do to prove we did in fact cross the Rio de la Plata.

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