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  Thousands of curious onlookers and paying spectators are watching the “Landshuter Hochzeit” (Wedding of Landshut). It reminds of the spectacular wedding of Wittelbacher 1475 Duke George the Rich and Hedwig Jagiellonica,  daughter of polish king Kasimir IV. Andreas. The bride also had to take a detour via Nuremberg (Nürnberg) to make it to Landshut. […]

40 y Rocky Horror

      THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Early this morning Luck Duck Sheila and some friends attended the 40’th anniversery of the first night opening of classical movie  “THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW” in the “Museum-Lichtspiele München” which lasts 40 hours with ongoing repeating performances for 40 hours. You can still join (until 25.06.2017 evening). It […]

Samos, Pythagorion, Greece

Pythagorion, Greece together with the Heraion in Samos is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritages so of course Sheila had to visit that place too after she visited the Heraion. The antique place here unfortunately was behind a fence on a closed compound. Probably german finance Minister Schäuble did not give enough Money […]

Samos, Heraion, Greece

Pythagorion, Greece together with the Heraion in Samos is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritages so of course Sheila had to visit that place too. The Heraion was dedicated to antique godess Hera but Settlements already started in the third millenium before christ. Next to the Heroin of Argos on the Peneloponnes Greece, […]

Canards Jets Aviators Rockets

As Sheila next to being a passionate traveller also has a lot of interest in technical stuff she visited the “Flugwerft Schleißheim” at Oberschleißheim north of Munich. (next to the Wittelsbacher castle complex of Schleißheim) Sheila was able to look at and walk through a fascinating Dornier Do 31 E-3, 1967 a vertical-start aircraft like the […]

Göring’s Game Gone

After many years of being exhibited in the “Jagd- und Fischereimuseum” “Odin” and “Matador” disappeared 2014. The Trophys and Victims of “Hermann Göring’s” (1893 born in Rosenheim,  † 1946 in Nuremberg “Nürnberg“) hunting adventures  were diplayed at the prominent entrance stairs in the museum, together with the name of the successfull hunter Göring. I still was […]

Poacher Robber Killer Guillotine

as I got a history in my familiy of poaching (though 100 years ago) when my great great grandmother was caught with a smoking gun pot full of wild game and one of my great granduncles was a well known poacher Sheila thought we should follow the steps of another perpetrator who worked as a capenter, as poacher, […]

Linie Acht

museum As Sheila latetely casted suspision on the fact, that there is a big lie in the still popular song and comedy sketch of “Weiß Ferdl“, a popular bavarian comedian (1883-1949), she visited the big event of the 140 anniversery of the “Münchner Trambahn” (Munich Tramway, before called “Münchener Tramway” (the invester Outlet from Belgium could not […]

Knights, Rafts,Grünwald

Burg Grünwald even existed before 1000 ad and was mentioned in documents as possession of the Dukes of Andechs in the 12 century. 1272 it came into the possession of the Wittelsbacher. Duke Ludwig II, der Strenge (the rigorous) was able to buy it. It was used as a save heaven to escape the City of […]

Deutsches Museum München

At the place where they now display a rescue ship they for some years used to Displacy locomotive  “Katharina” (E 69 01″) which was deployed on the Ammergaubahn. Katharina today is in a locomotive museum in Freilassing. A sister of Katharina “Johanna” (E 69 04) today is displayed in front of it’s old home train station in […]

Café Luitpold, Munich

Café Luitpold opened 1888 as classical coffee house. It is said, that Wassily Kandinsky (who lived with Gabriele Münter in Murnau in the Russenhaus) and Paul Klee had founded the Artist Group “Blaue Reiter” 1911 in that coffee house. There is a little museum in the house too. It was and still is a place […]

Murnau, Stork, Blue Riders

While eating in a well known Fast Food Chain in “Murnau” Sheila at first did  not trust her eyes when she saw a stork flying over the lovely town of Murnau at the “Staffelsee” at the norther border of the Bavarian Alps. I had to check the Interne immedately, and yes it is true, they […]

Autostadt Wolfsburg, VW

Luck Duck Sheila used the opportunity to visit the “Autostadt” (Car City) in Wolfsburg, Germany. Here you can enjoy entertainment, museums, water fountain shows, food, events or pick up your new “Volkswagen” (VW) car. Icons of the “Autostadt” are the “Autotürme” (car towers). 800 cars are stored transitionally for about 48 hours in the towers […]

Volkssternwarte Ducks in Space

After Luck Duck Sheila tripped over giant Duckzilla she got the opinion that there must be Ducks in Space. Therefore she visited the “Bayerische Volkssternwarte München” (bavarian people’s star observatory) open to the people since 1947, operated by the “Bayerische Volkssternwarte München e. V.” (club) since 1956. The “Volkssternwarte is situated on the top floors […]

Munich Eisbachwelle Surfspot Luck Duck Sheila Surfing

Since more than 30 years the Surfer Scene meets on Munichs “Eisbachwelle” (Ice-Brook Wave, Eisbach-Wave) right in the middle of Downtown Munich at the “Prinzregentenstraße”. It’s one of the top Surfspots world wide. After a lot of disussions and a real estate deal between the city of Munich and the State of Bavaria which clarified the […]

Wittelsbacher Castles and Monuments

    Check out Sheilas Wittelsbacher Duck Map. A disputed document of Aventin (1477-1534) mentions castle “Schyren about 50 km north of Munich as a former rulers residenz of the rulers of that area (since 508). The Counts of Scheyern later moved away their residence from “Scheyern” to castle “Wittelsbach” and renamed themselves into “Wittelsbacher”. Other sources connect […]


Today at the first Cristmas Day Luck Duck Sheila went to Oberammergau, Germany, Bavaria. Here She sits in front of the “Passionsspieltheater” Oberammergau. Luck Duck Sheila inside of the “Passionsspieltheater”. She visited another tourist highlight. Oberammergau is famous for the longest and oldest ongoing Cristian Passion Play. It started with an oath in 1633 when the […]

Mesa Verde

On her first trip to the USA 1985 Sheila went westwards starting from Independence Missouri. She came through Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexiko, Utah. We walked down to Indian Gardens in the Grand Canyon too, starting from South Rim. She also passed Monument Valley on the US163 but didn’t stop there at that time (much later […]

Phnom Penh

As it ist one of Luck Duck Sheilas biggest pleasure, to collect countries, she went on a day boat trip on a speed boat to Phnum Peng/Cambodia starting from the vietnamese border. Border formalities in Cambodia and Vietnam where formal, but she could play with the roaster and chicken after leaving the boat for the immigration […]

London Calling

This lovely pair of travelling ducks decided to venture to London during a wet, February weekend. Their trip was quite a success, having managed to not get run over by the locals. They also enjoyed the food (it’s actually quite good!), the convivial ambiance of London pubs, the shopping, a musical (Wicked!) and a little […]

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is an art museum located directly on the shore of the Øresund Sound in Humlebæk, 35 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the most visited art museum in Denmark with an extensive permanent collection of modern and contemporary art, dating from World War II and up until now, […]

Berlin Museum Island

Museum Island (German: Museumsinsel) is the name of the northern half of an island in the Spree river in the central Mitte district of Berlin, Germany, the site of the old city of Cölln. It is so called for the complex of five internationally significant museums, all part of the Berlin State Museums, that occupy […]

Tsitsernakaberd: The Armenian Genocide Memorial

Tsitsernakaberd (Armenian: Ծիծեռնակաբերդ) is a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide; it is located on a hill overlooking Yerevan, Armenia. Every year on April 24, hundreds of thousands of Armenians gather here to remember the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide that took place in the Ottoman Empire carried out by the […]

The British Museum

The duck is admiring a selected part of the Elgin Marbles. The marbles are a collection of classical Greek marble sculptures, inscriptions and architectural members that originally were part of the Parthenon and other buildings on the Acropolis of Athens. The British Museum is a museum of human history and culture in London. Its collections, […]

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