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As it is big enough for two People Dieter and I shared a Black Forest Cream-Puff in the “Windbeutelalm” (Cream-Puff alpine-pasture, also called “Almhütte”) and watched some of the wildlife in the pasture. They even got their own Maypole there.   We saw differnt kinds of wildlife.  


The ski-jumping hill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (in Partenkirchen) is lying at the Gudiberg (Gudi-mountain, in Partenkirchen) and puts  up the New-Years ski jumping event every year as part of the “Vierschanzentournee” , the pinnacle of the ski jumping season in Europe. It was also the site of the Olympic Games 1936, however on a much older […]

Olympiapark Munich

As we did not get to see the “Olympiaturm” in the Olympiapark in Munich from below outside due to the thickest fog and smog Sheila ever encountered on New Years Eve, we decided to go there again on a sunny day and shoot some pictures in the park and of the tower. We enjoyed I nice […]

Not Mussolini’s Villa

Sheila visited the Aschbacher Hof about 30 km southeast of Munich, Germany. It is a excellent award winning restaurant and nice, friendly family owned hotel on top of the Aschbacher Mountain. And it offers a big range of excellent cakes. It is a popular place for a excursion for the local population or people from neighbouring Munich or for a […]


Luck Duck Sheila on her hike in the low mountain range “Westerwald“. Sheila talked to this poor fellow who was not amused as sombody has placed a piece of trash, a Aluminium lid directly at his feet. Sheila asked me to pick it up and to take it to the next dust bin. The fellow […]

Klais, Krün

  Klais is a small part of the small village Krün. Until 2007 it used to be important as it used to be the highest situated Inter-City (IC) train station (933 m) in Germany on the route from Munigh to Insbruck/Austria. But the IC trains no longer stopp here so they have lost the title. […]

Not Obama’s beer, Krün

 Sheila and I shared a honest “Karg” White Beer. During the G7 summit smmer 2015 in Upper Bavaria President Obama (the current lame duck) was invited to visit Krün, her picture book Bavaria by Angela Merkel. After Obama and his staff landed on “Fanz Josef Strauß” airport Munich with the  Airforce One, they were flown to Hotel […]

lower, Zugspitze

Austria (here Bundesland “Tirol” also possesses a part of the Zugspitze summit plateau but only a lower and smaller part. The austrian buildings such as the summit station of their gondola cableway are more like hanging on the side of the mountain. Crossing the border is easy, Sheila did not have to show her passport.    Picture on […]

Highest, Zugspitze

  Sheila facing her adventurous trip on Germanys highest mountain, the Zugspitze (2962 m). The already quite old gondola cableway took Sheila right up next to the summit before she went down with another gondola into the skiing area which is shared between Germany and Austria.   The German/Bavarian nationality mark points out the border […]

Befreiungshalle, Kehlheim

The “” above the city of Kehlheim  on the “Michelsberg” commemorates the heros of the “Liberation Wars” against Napoleon 1813 – 1815. And the tribes who joined in the war. It opened 1863 at the 50th’s anniversery of the “Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig”, the first significant defeat of Napoleon. This battle was the maybe biggest battle in […]

Alpine Coaster Oberammergau

Luck Duck Sheila enjoyed a ride in the “Alpine Coaster” in “Oberammergau” which used to be the longest ride of it’s kind. Nowadays there is a longer one of the same kind in Austria “Imst”.                       Sheila had a tasty lunch on the terrace of the mountain station “Kolbensattelhütte” in the sun […]

Cape Of Good Hope

            Luck Duck Sheila visited the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa close to Cape town on a sunny, clear day. Many people visited the place too and the sign with the name at the entrance of the Cape Park was a very busy souvenir background and Sheila had to share it. Sheila also […]

Brocken, Hartz

As no Duck here has been documented to have been travelling with a authentic steam train Sheila took the opportunity to take such a train up on top of Germany’s most iconic mountain, the “Brocken” in the low mountain landscape “Hartz”.  The trainstation on the “Brocken” is situated at an height of 1125 m and […]


Luck Duck Sheila used another sunny day to drive up on a mountain close to “Schwangau”, Bavaria, Germany. She went up with the “Tegelbergbahn” and enjoyed the view over the “Tannheimer” mountain range and the world’s most iconic castle “Neuschwanstein“.   Visible is also the Forggensee, which is Germanys biggest dammed lake considering it’s surface. […]

Andechs Holy Mountain

By a exhausting hike up through the “Kiental” (valley of the brook “Kien”) Sheila earned herselve a “Mass” (a liter) beer in the beergarden of the brewery “Andechs”. The monastary “Andechs” is a sub monastary of the monastary “St. Bonifazius” in Munich and with it’s brewery the most important source of income for St. Bonifazius in Munich. St. Bonifazius […]

Walchenseekraftwerk Kesselbergstraße Kochelsee

Luck Duck Sheila visited the “Walchenseekraftwerk” (Walchensee electric power plant) which was planed and built by visionary “Oskar von Miller”. It started operation at the  24.01.1924 and was the biggest of it’s kind worldwide at that time.  17 people  where killed in the dangerous construction process. The power plant uses the 200 m differense in […]


Today at the first Cristmas Day Luck Duck Sheila went to Oberammergau, Germany, Bavaria. Here She sits in front of the “Passionsspieltheater” Oberammergau. Luck Duck Sheila inside of the “Passionsspieltheater”. She visited another tourist highlight. Oberammergau is famous for the longest and oldest ongoing Cristian Passion Play. It started with an oath in 1633 when the […]

Australia 1993/94 world trip

1993 and 1994 Luck Duck Sheila went on a trip round the world. She came through the following countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong where Sheila used the Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island several times (here is a song to listen to), China, Macao, Australia, New Zealand, Fidji, USA. Unfortunately her photagrapher didn’t appreciate her enough at that […]

Austria 2013

The Plansee is situated close to the German Border and there is a nice road connection from Germany/”Ammertal” to Austria. The pass over (“Ammersattel” 1118 m) through a wild mountain valley is very popular amongst bickers and runs by castel “Schloß Linderhof” on the German side. The start of the river “Ammer” is often said to be […]

Venezuela 1997

Luck Duck Sheila went up to the top of the Merida Gondola Cableway. The first time she went on a tour which took her on the back side of the mountain  first stage with a jeep only centimeters away from dizzling abysses. The last meters of that stage the whole group walked because the dirt road along […]

USA 2011

On the tour through the cave I learned that all found samples of Pseudanophthalmus were caught and brought to the Smithsonian Institute after their discovery in the cave. No other beetle of the species has been seen by humans in the cave after that. Sheila went to USA for her 7’th time, this time through […]

Baux de Provence

Les Baux-de-Provence is a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in southern France, in the province of Provence. It has a spectacular position in the Alpilles mountains, set atop a rocky outcrop crowned with a ruined castle overlooking the plains to the south. Its names refers to its site — in Provençal, a baou is a […]

Alpilles vineyards

The Chaîne des Alpilles is a small range of mountains in Provence, southern France, located about 20 km (12 mi) south of Avignon. The range is an extension of the much larger Luberon range. Although it is not high – some 387 m (1,270 ft) at its highest point – the Alpilles range stands out […]

Geiranger fjord

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