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heute Deutschland

While watching the “heute-journal” 19.07.2017 (important part starts at 10 min, 30 seconds)Luck Duck Sheila came across this report in the ZDF (second german TV station, one of those stations Germans are forced to pay fees for) where the ZDF unveiled the new relation between Johann and a new chick and another less important story about the Große […]


  Thousands of curious onlookers and paying spectators are watching the “Landshuter Hochzeit” (Wedding of Landshut). It reminds of the spectacular wedding of Wittelbacher 1475 Duke George the Rich and Hedwig Jagiellonica,  daughter of polish king Kasimir IV. Andreas. The bride also had to take a detour via Nuremberg (Nürnberg) to make it to Landshut. […]

40 y Rocky Horror

      THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Early this morning Luck Duck Sheila and some friends attended the 40’th anniversery of the first night opening of classical movie  “THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW” in the “Museum-Lichtspiele München” which lasts 40 hours with ongoing repeating performances for 40 hours. You can still join (until 25.06.2017 evening). It […]


Castle Dachau dates back to medieval times and the Counts of Dachau and was enlarged under Wittelsbacher Duke Wilhelm IV. and son Duke Albrecht V. 1546-1577 and was the prefered summer Residenz of the Wittelsbacher during these days. View to the mountains and over the City of Munich (Allianz Arena, Olympiaturm)    We finished with a […]

Opera Munich, Staatsoper

Luck Duck Sheila joined the first presentation of the new film “GANZ GROSSE OPER” in the Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich. The Operahouse was turned into the biggest and nicest movie theater for that day. The film is about this Opera and the production of opera. Usually world class opera or music performed by highest ranking stars like […]

Ente im (vom) Lehel gone

Munich has many top restaurants. Once upon the time it also put up the Restaurant “Ente vom Lehel” (Duck of Lehel) in the Arabella Sheraton Hotel” in the Arabellapark. The Arabellapark hosts Munichs biggest density of high rise buildings, like the Hypo-Haus. It appears in this Music Video. The “Ente Vom Lehel” returned to Munich after […]

Alter Peter, Munich

On another sunny day Sheila insisted to walk up on the tower of Munichs most iconic church, the “Alter Peter” (Old Pete) in the center of Munich, next to the Marienplatz and the Munich city hall. On top of the “Münchner Rathaus” you find the “Münchner Kindl”, a iconic symbol of Munich which also joins the […]

FCB Full Hand

Sheila and Dieter, Ulrichs brother had the luck to meet some of the champions of the FC Bayern Munich in the Audi Foto Shooter Box in the FCB Erlebniswelt in the Allianz Arena Munich today and to drive them to Munich Marienplatz to prepare the celebration of the 5’th championship in a row in the “Deutsche […]

上海 Steamed Duck

Friends braught home this picture form Shanghai, China. They also saw a giant Duck in a pond, though I don’t know if it is the one mentionend in this CCTV news. The Duck did not last for long, it is a fluffy, tasty backery, kind of like a “Dampfnudel“. There are numerous videos on the […]

oans zwoa gsuffa HB

Wittelsbacher   After having been here several times Sheila had to visit the worlds most iconic, most known Inn, the legendary “Hofbräuhaus“. A true Beer Palace. Sheila met this young couple (Mari  and Michi) and had a jolly good time with them. Schunkeling to the bavarian oompah band music, and enjoying a spoonfull of great bavarian […]

Göring’s Game Gone

After many years of being exhibited in the “Jagd- und Fischereimuseum” “Odin” and “Matador” disappeared 2014. The Trophys and Victims of “Hermann Göring’s” (1893 born in Rosenheim,  † 1946 in Nuremberg “Nürnberg“) hunting adventures  were diplayed at the prominent entrance stairs in the museum, together with the name of the successfull hunter Göring. I still was […]

181 Happy NY

Sheila celebrated the New Years Eve in Munichs highest restaurant, “Restaurant 181“. The restaurant revolves round the Munich TV Tower and offers a splendid view over Munich and has 230 seats. It is situated almost on top of the Munich “Olympiaturm”, a TV tower which was built in time to participate at the Olympic Games 1972 […]

Landsberg am Lech

The picturesque mediaeval town of Landsberg am Lech ist situated 55 km west of Munich and 35 km south of Augsburg. Sheila in the “Hexenviertel” (witches quarter) and on the “Schlossberg”. (the castle was turned down about 1800). The name Hexenviertel steems from a red heired femal painter  who lived and painted in the romantic […]


Ulrich, after doing time in Stadelheim went checking out new opportunities in the Asian Duck Weed Business and therefore went on a business trip to Singapore after Sheila liked it here some years ago. He found this lovely christmas tree decoration in the botanical garden which made him feel a little bit at home. There is […]

Welfare, Witch, World Trade

Augsburg was a big and important roman settlement. Augusta Vindelicorum was founded 15 bc under emperor Augustus and was the capital of of the Roman province “Raetia”.  There is not much to see though from that roman time, seems like Augsburg tries to hide the remains to avoid to have to fool around  to much when there […]

Oktoberfest Trachten- und Schützenzug Garb Parade

er Today was the day of the 2016 annual (since 1950) “Trachten- und Schützenzug” Garb Parade in Munich Germany which always takes place at the first sunday of the Munich “Oktoberfest“. Sheila attended the Oktoberfest before but she did not watch the about 9000 people in local garb or officials like the mayor of Munich […]

Halle , “Die Zone”

On our way to Wolfsburg in one of the new far distance busses we due to a traffic jam missed our Connection in Halle, Germany. So we were stranded in Halle in “Der Zone” (foul Name for former eastern Germany). Without any help of the Operator “Postbus” we had to buy another ticket to continue […]

Deutsches Museum München

At the place where they now display a rescue ship they for some years used to Displacy locomotive  “Katharina” (E 69 01″) which was deployed on the Ammergaubahn. Katharina today is in a locomotive museum in Freilassing. A sister of Katharina “Johanna” (E 69 04) today is displayed in front of it’s old home train station in […]

Café Luitpold, Munich

Café Luitpold opened 1888 as classical coffee house. It is said, that Wassily Kandinsky (who lived with Gabriele Münter in Murnau in the Russenhaus) and Paul Klee had founded the Artist Group “Blaue Reiter” 1911 in that coffee house. There is a little museum in the house too. It was and still is a place […]

Dom zu Speyer, Cathedral Speyer

    Speyer is the site of the annuel Hasepieler Entenrennen, a place Sheila had to visit after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe suggested “Macht euch auf nach Speyer” (Götz von Berlichingen, in a hall in “Bamberg“). Besides that it is the site of one of Germanies most iconic churches and burial site of kings and […]

Visé Belgien

Sheila in Front of the “Siftskirche” in Visé in Belgium. The church was founded 779 by princess Berthe, a daughter of Karl The Great (Charlemagne). 1106 “Salier” King and emperor Heinrich V. suffered a complete defeat at the bridge over the “Maas” river at Visé in the “Investiture Controversy”. The Long controvery with the curch and Pope ended with […]

Dom zu Aachen

Luck Duck Sheila visited another one of Germanies most iconic churches, the “Hoher Dom zu Aachen“. It is a world cultural heritage. It was built by emperor Karl the Great (Charlemagne), 795-803 on a site of former roman an merowingian buildings and was redecorated and worked over and changed many times. He is burried in […]

Kölner Dom, Cologne Cathedral

i The Kölner Dom in Köln, correctly called Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus is a UNESCO world heritage and as the People of Cologne believe the Center of the world. The construction startet in the 13’th century and the Dom was almost finished 1889 in a national campain . The campain was started by Prussion King […]

Petersberg Königswinter Bonn

Sheila on the Petersberg in front of the Restaurant an beer garden. In Background: Iconic Castle Drachenburg. Since another very important Person lately married on the Petersberg Königswinter at the Rhine, close to the former capital of West Germany Sheila had to go there too as well. TV star Daniela married Lucas Cordalis (son of […]

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