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  Thousands of curious onlookers and paying spectators are watching the “Landshuter Hochzeit” (Wedding of Landshut). It reminds of the spectacular wedding of Wittelbacher 1475 Duke George the Rich and Hedwig Jagiellonica,  daughter of polish king Kasimir IV. Andreas. The bride also had to take a detour via Nuremberg (Nürnberg) to make it to Landshut. […]

Alter Peter, Munich

On another sunny day Sheila insisted to walk up on the tower of Munichs most iconic church, the “Alter Peter” (Old Pete) in the center of Munich, next to the Marienplatz and the Munich city hall. On top of the “Münchner Rathaus” you find the “Münchner Kindl”, a iconic symbol of Munich which also joins the […]


Sheila met her old friend Siegbert Squid. They occasionally meet each other under the sea to enjoy some Duck Weed together and talk about serious matters such as the global warming and the pollution of the ocean. Siegbert was surprised but happy to see Sheila again. Siegbert says all what they say about the global […]

1. May, Maypole Perlach

, Sheila the day before the erection of the Maypole Since medieval times the erection of a Maypole is common in germanitic coutries but also practised in Skandinavia (here also common in midsummer) or in german communities in America. Some foreign partner cities also received them as a present from their german partners. (Domont France) The […]

Kaisheim Abbey

Kaisheim Abbey once ruled 136 square kilometers in Swabia, Germany and was like a independent state until to the secularisation 1802. It is situated about 40 km north of Augsburg. It was founded by count Henry II. of Lechsgemünd 1142. The church was dedicated by a Bishop from Augsburg 1183. After the seularisation 1803 under later […]

Landsberg am Lech

The picturesque mediaeval town of Landsberg am Lech ist situated 55 km west of Munich and 35 km south of Augsburg. Sheila in the “Hexenviertel” (witches quarter) and on the “Schlossberg”. (the castle was turned down about 1800). The name Hexenviertel steems from a red heired femal painter  who lived and painted in the romantic […]

Welfare, Witch, World Trade

Augsburg was a big and important roman settlement. Augusta Vindelicorum was founded 15 bc under emperor Augustus and was the capital of of the Roman province “Raetia”.  There is not much to see though from that roman time, seems like Augsburg tries to hide the remains to avoid to have to fool around  to much when there […]

Dom zu Speyer, Cathedral Speyer

    Speyer is the site of the annuel Hasepieler Entenrennen, a place Sheila had to visit after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe suggested “Macht euch auf nach Speyer” (Götz von Berlichingen, in a hall in “Bamberg“). Besides that it is the site of one of Germanies most iconic churches and burial site of kings and […]

Visé Belgien

Sheila in Front of the “Siftskirche” in Visé in Belgium. The church was founded 779 by princess Berthe, a daughter of Karl The Great (Charlemagne). 1106 “Salier” King and emperor Heinrich V. suffered a complete defeat at the bridge over the “Maas” river at Visé in the “Investiture Controversy”. The Long controvery with the curch and Pope ended with […]

Dom zu Aachen

Luck Duck Sheila visited another one of Germanies most iconic churches, the “Hoher Dom zu Aachen“. It is a world cultural heritage. It was built by emperor Karl the Great (Charlemagne), 795-803 on a site of former roman an merowingian buildings and was redecorated and worked over and changed many times. He is burried in […]

Kölner Dom, Cologne Cathedral

i The Kölner Dom in Köln, correctly called Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus is a UNESCO world heritage and as the People of Cologne believe the Center of the world. The construction startet in the 13’th century and the Dom was almost finished 1889 in a national campain . The campain was started by Prussion King […]

Petersberg Königswinter Bonn

Sheila on the Petersberg in front of the Restaurant an beer garden. In Background: Iconic Castle Drachenburg. Since another very important Person lately married on the Petersberg Königswinter at the Rhine, close to the former capital of West Germany Sheila had to go there too as well. TV star Daniela married Lucas Cordalis (son of […]

Carnival in June, Andernach

To celebrate Luck Duck Sheila’s visit to Andernach at the Rhine, the good People of Andernach postponed the annual Carnival “Rosenmontags” (rose monday) celebration and Parade which has a 600 years history in Andernach from “Rosenmontag” February to a Saturday in June for the first time. It had been canceled before but never postponed.   No, of […]

Memories of Heidelberg

 Sheila found this sign a bit strange, let me assure you that they use water toilets in Germany these days. And here is a big barrel, close to the entrance        but wait, here comes the real big sucker from 1751 (it had several smaller predecessors) which can hold up to 219.000 l of wine. Sheila […]

Middle Rhine Valley

Sheila wanted to visit another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Middle Rhine Valley and the little Miss insisted to have the trip profoundly and as cheesely as possible documented. So here is her newest story. The area puts up the world wide highest density of castles. The chosen Nostalgic Route on the ship “Goethe” had […]

Benediktbeuren Monastery

“Monastery Benediktbeuren” was founded 725/728 by “Karl Martell”, with whom the rule of the “Karolinger”,  started after the “Merowingian” dynasty (both Franconians). He decisively helped to stop the Muslim conquest of western Europe in the battle of Poitiers. He died 741 after he ruled like a king, though he never had the title of a king; […]

Monastery Weltenburg, Danube Breakthrough



Kehlheim is situated in lower Bavaria at the fork of the rivers Danube and the “Main Donau Kanal”, at the exit of the Danube Breakthrough. It came into the possession of the Wittelsbacher in the 11’th century. Bavarian Duke Otto I. gave it city rights. It was a favoured residenze of the Wittelsbacher until to […]

Bad Reichenhall

Bad Reichenhall might be as old as 2600 b.C. as objects found show. Keltic and roman objects proof early settlements. It is not clear if salt was produced here, before the romans started to produce salt here on a big scale and called it “ad salinas”. Ever since that time the salt was a important and […]

Ulm, Ulmer Münster

f Luck Duck Sheila had to visit another superlative, the worlds highest church tower. It is part of the “Ulmer Münster” (Ulmer Cathedral). Of course Sheila had to walk up on the tower which is 161,53 m high. (768 steps to a upper visitor platform in 143 m height) The foundation stone was layed 1377, the […]


The “Bamberger Dom St. Peter und St. Georg” (Bamberger Cathedral) is one of Germanies Emperor Cathedrals built in romanic stile more than 1000 years ago. The original Cathedral was founded and built by emperor “Heinrich II, The Holy” who is interred in this cathedral together with his wife “Kunigunde”. Heinrich II. who did not have children […]

“d’Wies”, not “d’Wiesn”

Luck Duck Sheila visited another UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, the “Wieskirche” (can be translated as church in the fields; full Name: “Wallfahrtskirche zum Gegeißelten Heiland auf der Wies”). The luxuriously decorated church in Rokoko style was built between 1745-1754 by the Brothers Zimmermann. It is a important pilgrimage  church (tear wonder). In the mid 80’ties […]

Münsterschwarzach Monastery

 Sheila on the place in front of the giant monastary complex, view to the other side. Luck Duck Sheila visited one of the most important Benedectinian Monasterys in “Schwarzach am Main”. The origin dates back to 780 when “Fastrada”, the third wife of “Karl the Great” founded it as nunnery. 877 it was taken over […]

Andechs Holy Mountain

By a exhausting hike up through the “Kiental” (valley of the brook “Kien”) Sheila earned herselve a “Mass” (a liter) beer in the beergarden of the brewery “Andechs”. The monastary “Andechs” is a sub monastary of the monastary “St. Bonifazius” in Munich and with it’s brewery the most important source of income for St. Bonifazius in Munich. St. Bonifazius […]

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