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Samos, Pythagorion, Greece

Pythagorion, Greece together with the Heraion in Samos is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritages so of course Sheila had to visit that place too after she visited the Heraion. The antique place here unfortunately was behind a fence on a closed compound. Probably german finance Minister Schäuble did not give enough Money […]

Pirates Ferry Finnlady

Travelling from Travemünde, Germany to Helsinki, Finnland a friend took pictures of this suspicous meeting of ducks on the ferry boat “Finnlady” of Finnlines. Some of them wearing pirates clothes. More evidence showing that the Ducks are trying to take over.

Petersberg Königswinter Bonn

Sheila on the Petersberg in front of the Restaurant an beer garden. In Background: Iconic Castle Drachenburg. Since another very important Person lately married on the Petersberg Königswinter at the Rhine, close to the former capital of West Germany Sheila had to go there too as well. TV star Daniela married Lucas Cordalis (son of […]

Rüdesheim am Rhein, Drosselgasse

   To accomplish the perfect day on the Rhine River and to help Sheil with her quest for Black Fores Cake I had to get Sheila a black forest cake, a Asbach Uralt Brandy and a coffee at the Harbour of Rüdesheim, seat of the Asbach destillery.  The shop to the right in the famous Drosselgasse offered a […]

Middle Rhine Valley

Sheila wanted to visit another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Middle Rhine Valley and the little Miss insisted to have the trip profoundly and as cheesely as possible documented. So here is her newest story. The area puts up the world wide highest density of castles. The chosen Nostalgic Route on the ship “Goethe” had […]

Luang Prabang, Laos, north

As Sheila likes to travel on ships she had many oppertunities to do so in Laos. She went on a cruise from Luang Prabang with “Shompoo Cruise” and enjoyed the spectacular river and landscape on the way. Along the river she stayed in the Pakbeng Lodge in Pakbeng with a nice view.  This pictures shows […]


Kehlheim is situated in lower Bavaria at the fork of the rivers Danube and the “Main Donau Kanal”, at the exit of the Danube Breakthrough. It came into the possession of the Wittelsbacher in the 11’th century. Bavarian Duke Otto I. gave it city rights. It was a favoured residenze of the Wittelsbacher until to […]


2015 Luck Duck Sheila had another chance to visit Vietnam. This time she could spent more time in Vietnam and enjoyed some top tourist sites. Such as the famous Ha Long Bay where she went on a boat trip. Sheila in Ho-Chi-Minh City formerly called and still known under the name Saigon. About 7 million live […]

Walchenseekraftwerk Kesselbergstraße Kochelsee

Luck Duck Sheila visited the “Walchenseekraftwerk” (Walchensee electric power plant) which was planed and built by visionary “Oskar von Miller”. It started operation at the  24.01.1924 and was the biggest of it’s kind worldwide at that time.  17 people  where killed in the dangerous construction process. The power plant uses the 200 m differense in […]

Tegernsee Bayern Sengerschloss

  The “Sengerschloss” a splendid villa in “Jugendstil” 1840 went through poor and luxurius times. One owner was “Erzherzogin Maria” (archduchess) from Austria and Queen of Rumania who sold it 1928 to a live insurer.  The spanish queen had her summer residence here too and it put up nobles such as “Fürst Metternich” and russian Grand Dukes. […]

Spree River, Berlin

This picture was given to me by a friend who saw this poor lonly, abandoned Duck on a trip on the Spree river in Berlin. If anybody of you team members here forgot this duck shame on you.

Germany Ammersee 2013

After so much spiritual experience in Altötting, Luck Duck Sheila decided to take advantage of the wonderful warm automn weather and to visit the Ammersee southwest of Munich. She started with a pedalo boat but due to her short flippers I had to do all the work. After that we shared a piece of cake and some coffee before we […]

Sri Lanka

People were fishing at the beach, pulling in big nets with only a small result for so many people and such hard work. We were lucky that time, because we barely left the country two weeks before the terrible Tsunami struck big parts of Asia and the beach where we stayed as well.

Austria 2013

The Plansee is situated close to the German Border and there is a nice road connection from Germany/”Ammertal” to Austria. The pass over (“Ammersattel” 1118 m) through a wild mountain valley is very popular amongst bickers and runs by castel “Schloß Linderhof” on the German side. The start of the river “Ammer” is often said to be […]

Egypt 1995

Luck Duck Sheila in Egypt 1995 at the Thomas Reef by Sharm el Sheikh assisting the diving crew and helping the skipper. Sheila used a break from her duties on the diving boat on the Sinai for a trip to Kairo, Egyt to enjoy the beauty of the Pyramids. Sheila also experienced an earthquake 1995 […]

Mauritius Islands

  Luck Duck Sheila on Mauritius Island 2005. She even saw and heard a jumping Hump Back Whale from the beach  

Maldive Islands

Monte Carlo

Monaco is a sovereign city state, located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. Bordered by France on three sides, with one side bordering the Mediterranean Sea, its center is about 16 km (9.9 mi) from Italy, and is only 13 km (8.1 mi) north east of Nice, France. It has an area of 1.98 […]


Friedrichshafen is a university city on the northern side of Lake Constance (the Bodensee) in Southern Germany, near the borders with Switzerland and Austria. It is the district capital (Kreisstadt) of the Bodensee district (Landkreis) in the federal state (Bundesland) of Baden-Württemberg. Friedrichshafen has a population of c. 58,000.

Hydra port

Hydra (Greek: Ύδρα) is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece, located in the Aegean Sea between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf. It is separated from the Peloponnese by narrow strip of water. In ancient times, the island was known as Hydrea (Υδρέα, derived from the Greek word for “water”), which was a […]


The ducks went diving in Zanzibar!

Kiel ferry

San Francisco, California

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