Selcuk, Turkey, Artemision

The area and even the Center of Selcuk puts up many stork nests and Sheila had  fun watching the storks fly and feeding their chicks in the nests. Within the City Limits of Selcuk you will find the world class archiolocical sites of Ephesos (entrance fee for the closed compound required) and the Artemis temple which can be visited free of charge (visible on the Picture below, left of the big Isabey-mosque in the background). The mosque has impressive dimensions and a calm, peacefull inner court where you can enjoy the wonderful voice of the local muhezin. A lot of birds like swallows and daws are breading in the old walls.


  Sheila travelling in one of the legendary small busses Dolmus. Once you have understood the System with the help of friendly locals, using those mini busses is easy, reliable and comfortable.

A replica of the Artemis Temple was built about 1500 m North of the old Artemis temple at the end of Selcuk but it seems as it does not fullfills the promises. Everything was closed, not one car was parked there, no busses at all and I only saw one other person standing in a corner. A eary place. grass started growing through gaps in the nice marble floor and some of the marble panals were broken and the windows all were dirty. I had a hard time to find some information about this Investment (150 Million $ ???)  on the Internet, I only found this enthusiastic article from 2008. At least it is looking great. No half hour gladiator show was going on as promoted on the placard.

Selcuk also puts up a Castle in it’s Center and some amazing antique sites like the St. Jean Basilica , once one of the biggest churches of it’s time where nearby St. Jean is said to have been writing his Gospel in the upper smaller former church, later a cistern on top of the Castle hill.

Sheila in the cistern/chappel                                    and in front of the small mosque on Castle hill.

     antique bath tub?

Fountain in the City:

The area was struck by an earthquake about a  week after we left through Izmir, Turkey.

Lat: 37.9525566 Long: 27.3679943

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