Pamukkale, Turkey, Hierapolis

Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) respectivly Hierapolis is another UNESCO World Heritage Site with lots to see and do.


The cock is a local symbol and trademark and was a Symbol for antique god Hermes         Sheila in front of one of the old gates of Hierapolis.

Sheila of course had to take a dip in Cleopatra’s Antique Pool, once surmounted by a Roman Apollo temple. It was maybe given to Cleopatra by Mark Anthony, maybe they together enjoyed the pool. Getting round in the pool bare-footed was kind of tricky with the old broken antique columnes lying in and on the bottom of the pool, Sheila in one Hand and the action camera in the other,  but fun. Maybe Sheila is the first Rubber Duck to enjoy the pool. Cleopatra’s little sister  Arsinoë IV. lived and died in Ephesos 41 b.c. near by.

The old ruins are a impressive site.

Lat: 37.9240494 Long: 29.1221924

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