Sheila met her old friend Siegbert Squid. They occasionally meet each other under the sea to enjoy some Duck Weed together and talk about serious matters such as the global warming and the pollution of the ocean. Siegbert was surprised but happy to see Sheila again. Siegbert says all what they say about the global warming is just a hoax and that he has never felt any rise in air temperature. Friends of him the Valentine Beetles of Skyline Caverns which he however hasn’t seen for a long time have the same opinion, according to Siegbert. Siegbert however is concerned about all the plastic trash in the oceans and invasion of foreigners in his enclosure. Listen to this song too from 2011, years before the clima treaty of Paris and the refugee crisis.


As no Duck here has been photographed under water so far Sheila had to to the job so I booked a trip to Turkey and a excursion on a scuba diving boat. We got on a boat with excellent diving equipment and I booked a short but successfull guided show dive. I had to rent the biggest available suit though, those suckers tend to shrink as time passes.



Famous peace monument in the Harbour and well attended photo stop.

 Peace Memorial at the bay in Kusadasi

Excursion on the pretty Butterfly Island (also called Pigeon Island) in the bay of lively Kusadasi former antique Neapolis where frequently big Crusade ships land to allow their guest to visit the near by world class archiological sites such as Ephesos in Selcuk and the pretty town Kusadasi itself.

Sheila on the Butterfly Island (Pigeon Island in front of a Information sign about the birds of Kusadasi.

Start of a day Trip to Samos Greece, Sheila doing her usual savety checks on board and checking if the captain is doing his work properly.

When we came in 1991 we were on a much bigger ship , a car ferry one like the one which was lying in the Harbour next to the ship we were on this time.


Sheila suggested to protect yourselfe from the hot sun with a new hairdo.



Lat: 37.8703537 Long: 27.2639351

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