Ephesos, Turkey

 In the big theater on the upper row.

While beeing in Kusadasi Sheila of course had to return to antique City Ephesos, one of the top archiological sites world wide and destination for many of the Cursade Ship tourists going to Kusadasi. Sheila was here 26 years ago on a Interail trip and the antique town is even more impressive now as before as a lot of work has been done in the widespread compound since that time. We were lucky, it was not yet season I think, it was not as crowded as shown on some pictures on the web. Yet hard to secretly  get pictures of Sheila alone in front of the famous buildings without posing and performing tourists. Ephesos of course is listed in the UNESCO world heritage list, located in Selcuk, about 20 km away from Kusadasi Harbour. It was not to hot either so we could really enjoy the place.


Sheila in front and in the big theater


Mysterious footprint (maybe a sign in front of a former brothel the square symbol probably stands for credit cards accepted) and another highlight, the Famous Library of Celsus



Some antique toilets                                                       and the Hadrian temple


Serapis temple, later a church in front of the upper congregation place Odeion at the upper “Agora” and more Stones. As I recently saw on TV Heron of Alexandria (“Mechanicus”, antique scientist, mathematician and sorcerer) built a steam driven automatic door opener in the old Serapis temple to amaze the masses. 1991 Sheila also visited the remains of the Artemis temple which was only one standing column at that time but she did not go there again this time. !! But it is on this Picture taken on this trip, left in the background, Sheila was supervising the shot.

It was one of the seven wonders of the antique world. Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Osman culture, different religions … all come together at Ephesos.  Arsinoë IV. the younger sister of Cleopatra died here 41 b.c.

The area was struck by an earthquake about a  week after we left through Izmir, Turkey.



Lat: 37.9392052 Long: 27.3409195

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