Samos, Samos, Greece

After landing in the big Harbour of Samos town on Samos Island coming in from Turkey, Kusadasi, Sheila discovered this Lion and got nervous as she thought it might be a Memorial for Wittelsbacher Kind of Greece Otto I. (Born in Salzburg 1815, king from 1832 – 1862, son of king Ludwig I. of Bavaria). After a Independence war Greece freed itselve from osmanic rule. Britan could get some naval bases in the eastern mediteranean Region, France only got some partw in Syria and Russia also supported the deal. Ludwig I. of Bavaria gave a loan of 60 Million franc to finance the deal. But other than the Lion in Nauplia on the Peleponnes this Lion commemortes the independance war as a whole, not the Wittelsbacher king. The Harbour is big enough to put up crusade ships and big ferries. I rented a car here in the Harbour and checked out the sites of Samos island Pythagorion and Heraion Crossing the borders from Turkey to Greece was the same procedure as at Airports, formal safety checks and immigration but both sides worked professionally and politely. There even is a duty free shop at border. Sheila expected to see some refugee boats on the sail trip but we didn’t see any. One or two greek Police patrol boats were speeding along the route during our time on board.

The area was struck by an earthquake about a  week after we left through Izmir, Turkey.

Lat: 37.7517548 Long: 26.9766655

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