Samos, Heraion, Greece

Pythagorion, Greece together with the Heraion in Samos is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritages so of course Sheila had to visit that place too. The Heraion was dedicated to antique godess Hera but Settlements already started in the third millenium before christ. Next to the Heroin of Argos on the Peneloponnes Greece, it was the most important holy place for Hera. The first temple “Dipteros” was built in a swamp and had to be given up for structural problems. The next one was built about 530 b.c. and only one of it’s old columns ist still or again standing. Sheila thinks, the grass there needs to be urgently cut in the vast compound, some highlights were barely visible such as mosaics on the floor. But maybe some things better stay covered to better protect them for future Duck Traveller.



Lat: 37.6535683 Long: 26.8803902

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