Viktualienmarkt, München

Memorial of comedian “Karl Valentin” (appears in this music video)

The old, well known market place “Viktualienmarkt” of Munich, Bavaria (open since 1807) puts up many memorials of famous Bavarian celebreties. Like Karl Valentin (author of “Die alten Rittersleut“), Weiß Ferl (author of “Linie Acht“). We came here today on the day of “Blasmusik und Tracht“, brass music and bavarian dress “Lederhosen” and of course lots of beer.


Karl Valentin                                                                    Weiß Ferdl


Maypole (stolen again 2017) of the brewers of Munich to commemorat Wittelsbacher Duke Albrecht IV. who issued the “Münchner Reinheitsgebot” 1487 for beer, predecessor for the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot 1516 for Bavarian beer. (an even older Regulation in Munich dates back to 1447 from the city council).

Roider Jakl bavarian Folk-singer.

Lat: 48.1351128 Long: 11.5762548

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