Red vs. Blue Razorbacks / Hogs

Today a historical football game took place, the first match of the Red against the Blue Razorback in the German Zweite Bundesliga (second league). A event Sheila could not miss. So we drove to Fürstenfeldbruck west of Munich and startet the sportive day with a big american burger and frensh fries and some cake of course. Then we enjoyed the exiting game of the Fursty Razorbacks vs. the Ravensburg Razorbacks which made the game complicated to watch because you never knew whose first down it always was. Sheila is a fan of the Red Fursty Razorbacks and wanted to kick and throw the old pig skin but we had to learn that it is to big for her. The weather was great, cool but sunny. Though Germans prever to watch soccer, football has become more popular the past years since the Superbowl is also broadcasted on German TV now.

Lat: 48.1751862 Long: 11.2479315

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