Munich Again Summer in the City


Following the lyrics of a popular ballade which shows a lot of affection for the city of Munich from the well known band “Spider Murphy Gang” (singer: Günther Sigl, founded 1977, singing in bavarian dialect, “Mia san a boarische Band” we are a bavarian band; still on tour). It takes the listener through striking places and atmospheres in Munich, the wild life in “Schwabing” in the 70’s and Luck Duck Sheila spent the day on the tracks of that song.

“Sommer In Der Stadt” Songtext (engl. Summer in the city):

I renn nackert durchn Englischn Gartn          engl: I’m running nacked through the park “Englischer Garten” (English Garden); nudism is allowed in specific areas of the park;


Sitz high aufm Monopteros                                engl: I’m sitting high (or stoned, the experts know the difference) on the monument (in the Park) “Monopterus” finished 1836, a symbol for the open minds of Munich.

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I kauf ma a Maß am Chinesischn Turm          engl: I buy myself a liter of beer at the “Chinesischer Turm” (Chinese Tower) built 1789/1790, burned down and rebuilt several times


The “Chinesischer Turm” appears in this music video.


Und flanier mit Dir auf da Leopoldstraß´       engl: I stroll with you on the “Leopoldstr.”, a popular and fancy street with many coffee shops, univercities and monuments in wild Schwabing
I schlürf an Eiskaffee im Rialto                         engl: I sip a ice coffee in the “Rialto” (a formerly famous Ice cream shop, unfortunatly no longer in business but there is another coffee shop there now but Luck Duck Sheila is very, very sad that the “Rialto” is no longer there)



Und schau de junga Hasn noch                        engl: I check out the young bunnies who stroll down the road

Sheila_SIDS260420141022 The “Siegestor” (Ludwig I. Bavaria) appears in this music video.

I glaub mei Chef muaß heit auf mi verzichtn  engl: I think my superviser has to renounce me working today

Ja i lieg vui liaber mit Dir im Gras                   engl: I frankly prefer to lie with you in the gras


–Refrain– S’ wieder Sommer  in the city                         engl: Summer ist back in the city


I renn zur Gaudi durchn Brunna am Stachus   engl: I run through the fountain at the “Stachus” (officially named “Karlsplatz” but everybody calls it Stachus due to a popular inn operated by Eustachius Föderl at this place 18’th century ; bavarian phrase: “do gehts zua wia am Stachus” engl.:there’s a lot of traffic) just for fun


The “Stachus” appears in this music video.

Geh durch d´Fuaßgängerzone patschnaß      engl: walk through the pedestrian zone all wet


I schau ma japanische Touristn o        engl: I watch Japanese Tourists


Beim Glocknspui aufm Marienplatz     engl: at the chimes on the “Marienplatz” (a top tourist attraction in Munich and on the agenda of many Asian Tours through Europe). The famous chimes appear in this music video. On top of the tower of the city hall you also find the iconic “Münchner Kindl“.


I fahr zum Badn mitn Radl an d´Isar     engl: I drive to the “Isar” – river with my bicycle to take a dip



Lieg auf de Kieslstoana am Strand    engl: I lie on the gravel stones on the beach


I sitz im Biergartn drauß in da Woidwirtschaft   engl: I sit in the beergarden “Waldwirtschaft”



Und lösch mit a Maß mein Sonnabrand       I extinguish ( in german ambiguous) / quench my sunburn/thirst  with a liter of beer

…. refrain……

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