Thousands of curious onlookers and paying spectators are watching the “Landshuter Hochzeit” (Wedding of Landshut). It reminds of the spectacular wedding of Wittelbacher 1475 Duke George the Rich and Hedwig Jagiellonica,  daughter of polish king Kasimir IV. Andreas. The bride also had to take a detour via Nuremberg (Nürnberg) to make it to Landshut. Many of the citizens of Landshut participate in the Renaissance Festival and dress up in fancy renaissance costumes to the delight of the spectators. There is a closed area with all kinds of spectacular shows and there are parades through the splendid streets of Lanshut. The festival takes place every 4 years only and draws in spectators from all over the world.

Visible on the other side of the Isar River: Church St. Martin and Castle Trausnitz.

The wedding party was attended by 10.000 guest and lasted several days, George the Rich must have been indeed very rich. The Wittelsbacher were not yet in the beer brewing business at that time. The wedding took place in the St. Marin church, today a big cathedral with the highest church tower world wide built with bricks, the highest church tower in Bavaria and many important sacral artpieces in it.
George steems from the Wittelsbacher Stephan, one of the six sons of Ludwig der Bayer. Two years after the death of Ludwig der Bayern Bavaria was shared among the six sons in the Treaty of Landsberg (Landsberger Vertrag). Stephan was cheated in the Goldenen Bulle (Nuremberg, Nürnberg) 1356 and did not get the position “elector” (Kurfürst) as promised in the house rules of the Wittelsbacher. Instead a cousin, Pfalzgraf am Rhein received that position.


The glas window Pictures were entered after WWII.

The right Picture shows the torture of the second holy patron of the church (Martinskirche) , the Holy Kastulos. Remarkable is the fact that the 3 torturers shown in the picture look like Hitler, Göring and Goebbels who all appear in the Award winning movie “Der Fuehrer’s Face

The right Picture shows the Landshuter Hochzeit (wedding)

Inside of Church St. Martin.

 At the front entrance the four evangelists Luke, Mark, Matthew and John.

Castle Trausnitz, founded 1204, hosts an excellent Museum about the history of the Wittelbacher and also offers a splendid view down on Landshut.


Lat: 48.5343895 Long: 12.1532001

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