The ski-jumping hill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (in Partenkirchen) is lying at the Gudiberg (Gudi-mountain, in Partenkirchen) and puts  up the New-Years ski jumping event every year as part of the “Vierschanzentournee” , the pinnacle of the ski jumping season in Europe. It was also the site of the Olympic Games 1936, however on a much older construction at that time. It today is situated above the later built Olympic stadion which was built for the Olympic Games 1940 which were supposed to take place at the same spot but as Hitler had started WWII those Games were canceled. The building in the center however is the one, where Hitler opened the Games of 1936. Norway (Birger Ruud) as so many times later won the Gold Medal 1936. With the Olympic summer Games in Berlin 1936 and the ones in 1972 in Munich Germany hosted the Games 3 times. Dieter joined me on that hike up to a plattform in a height of  871 m almost at the top of the latest award winning construction IOC/IAKS Award in Gold, which was opened in 2007 only days before the Neujahrsspringen 2008 after austrian architects and companys achieved the almost impossible fast construction in less than a year.


The Gudiberg is also used for World Cup Slalom races. The Downhill Races (Kandahar) take place in the other part of the town, Garmisch.


Dieter in the Jury room and and the stairs (Himmelsleiter, stairway to heaven). The facility ist used for ski-jump in summer too and only accessible for visitors on special days.


Garmisch – Partenkirchen once again applied for the Olympic Games 2018 but failed as the Population did not want it.



On the Rathausplatz in Garmisch Partenkirchen (Partenkirchen) we saw this pretty locomotive, a cock wheel train before used on the tracks up to the Zugspitze mountain, Germanys highest mountain.

The local prison, nickname “Kaffee Loisach” close to the Loisach River is operatet by the prison in Landsberg. Partenkirchen was founded by the romans along the newer Via Reatia which superceded the older Via Augusta to Augsburg. Wittelsbacher King Ludwig II. stayed in town several times as he possessed a Castle high above the town in the lonely mountains, the “Königshaus Schachen”. Composer Richard Strauß lived in this town.


Lat: 47.4800911 Long: 11.1193180

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