Ente im (vom) Lehel gone

Munich has many top restaurants. Once upon the time it also put up the Restaurant “Ente vom Lehel” (Duck of Lehel) in the Arabella Sheraton Hotel” in the Arabellapark. The Arabellapark hosts Munichs biggest density of high rise buildings, like the Hypo-Haus. It appears in this Music Video. The “Ente Vom Lehel” returned to Munich after it was in Wiesbaden for some years. Founder  Hans-Peter Wodarz born in Wiesbaden who started his career in the Hotel “Rose” in Wiesbaden, the “Bayerischer Hof” in Munich and at Star-Chef Eckhart Witzigmann (Tantris) opened his first own Restaurant “Ente im Lehel” 1975 in the quarter “Lehel” and moved it to Wiesbaden some years later as “Ente vom Lehel”. Than it came back to Munich as “Ente vom Lehel” in the Arabella Sheraton Hotel in the Arabellapark. It is no longer there though, it changed it’s name and operator. At least there is the Ducktail’s Bar  in the neighbourhood. Wodarz created the Restaurant and Dinner Show Tent Movement (Palazzo), “Pomp Duck and Circumstance” and also sold licences for Palazzo in time before the Dinner-Show Crisis. The only remaining operating Dinner Tent in Munich now is Schuhbecks Theatro.  Wodarz who said some years ago that he has brought 1.500.000 Ducks on german tables is a well known collector of Duck Art.

 Sheila in front of former “Ente im Lehel”.

Lat: 48.1499329 Long: 11.6177254

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