Castle Dachau dates back to medieval times and the Counts of Dachau and was enlarged under Wittelsbacher Duke Wilhelm IV. and son Duke Albrecht V. 1546-1577 and was the prefered summer Residenz of the Wittelsbacher during these days.

View to the mountains and over the City of Munich (Allianz Arena, Olympiaturm)


 We finished with a cake (Buttermilk Berry) in the coffee shop in the Castle. They played very cool, relaxing modern chilling lounge music, perfect for a sunny day in a park.

After that we also visited the Dachau concentration camp where about 40.000 people where brutally murdered by the NAZIS and many more sent to other concentration camps to be murdered or to do forced labour there. Babarous medical experiments on humans have been committed here too. Johann Georg Elser who tried to assassinate Hitler 1939 in the Bürgerbräukeller was killed here too by the sore losers short before the camp was freed by the americans 1945.

Lat: 48.2585030 Long: 11.4328423

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