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As Sheila next to being a passionate traveller also has a lot of interest in technical stuff she visited the “Flugwerft Schleißheim” at Oberschleißheim north of Munich. (next to the Wittelsbacher castle complex of Schleißheim)

Sheila was able to look at and walk through a fascinating Dornier Do 31 E-3, 1967 a vertical-start aircraft like the contemporary “Osprey“.


The Do 31 E-3   left and attached to the ceiling the Solair 1, the solar driven plane based on the the glider “Canard 2 FL from Switzerland, a “Duck Airplane” built by Hans Farner. It was not very successfull after the constructor died in a crash with it and the planes were taken out out of the market.

Sheila also learned about the mayby first motorized flight by German “Gustav Weißkopf” (Gustave Whitehead, he changed his name after moving to the USA) which was in many newspapers 1901 and had several wittnesses, two years before the famous Wright Brothers performed their first motorized flight 1903. The brothers Wilbur and Orville are said to have been visiting Whithead and having got some of their ideas from Whitehead. The Smithsonian Institute in Washington had to sign a paper that they would never say, the Wright Brothers did not perform the first flight in order to get the plane of the brothers for their exhibition hall. That document does still exist and the fact that it does tells it’s own story.

Weißkopf was a clever selfmade constructor who worked as a capenter and on a sailship before but not a clever business man. It doesn’t matter if  you don’t know shit from shinola, as long as you know how to promote shit as shinola.

The Flugwert Schleißheim Museum ist Part of the “Deutsches Museum” in Munich. The Deutsches Museum built a replica of Weißkopf’s plane using Whiteheads plans, to test if it would fly, and yes, indeed it did. They did use modern material though and a modern engine.

Sheila had the chance to visit Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina 2011 and see the spot where the Wright Brothers performed their first flight. And she also visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum 2011 where you can see a lot of german achievements in air and space technology. American stuff of course too.

In the Museum in the Flugwert Schleißheim Sheila also learned about the glider plane pioneer “Otto Lilienthal” who is commemorated with a bust in the museum as well as Willy Messerschmid,


who built the first usable jet fight planes. Some of his jets can be seen in the Museum. Sheila of course had to use the chance to climb on the pilots seat in one of the fight jets which was a popular past time for the visiting kids. I renounced as it looked quite small.

Check out this hero braving a swarm of Messerschmid fight jets in WWII getting in a mess. . The director did not focus much on propper german in that movie nore on math. (Nickel, Pfennig)

His plane M163 (left) only wing plane also had astonishing stealth abilities. The propeller in the front served to produce electricity. The reach was very limited though. And another Me Jet on the right. The jet engines were developed parallel by Hans von Ohain (Germany) and Frank Whittle (officer in the royal airforce). Hans von Ohain however was the first one to make it fly as he could entuse investor Hinkel whereas Whittle had problems so find Support in the brittish armee hierachy at the beginning.

The jets at that time had been produced close to Augsburg, later partly in “Ringeltaube” at Kaufering close to Landsberg and in “Duck and Cerusit” in Oberammergau and other underground places after the “U-Verlagerung” 1944.

The Flugwerft Schleißheim still has a operating airfield for private planes. It is the oldest still operating airport in Germany. Sheila also learned that Porsche had been producing sports planes for a while and a Porsche Plane is exhibited in the Museum. And we did see a plane start form the airfield which looked like the Porsche plane in the Museum. (the 4 pixles in the upper middle of the picture, Sheila was too slow to do her hair and pose in front of the starting plane)

Before WWII and before the Museum was established, the Flugwerft Schleißheim served as Royal (Wittelsbacher) Airfield (the oldest still operating airfield in Germany). At the moment there is a exhibition in the Museum about famous painter “Paul Klee” (who together with Kandinsky founded the “Blaue Reiter in Café Luitpold who was lucky as the Wittelsbacher royal family was always promoting art, and after the death of  painter Franz Marc in WWI, Verdun France and other popular painters from Munich did not want to loose another art star. So crown prince Rupprecht, son of Ludwig III. (“Millibauer”) helped that Paul did not have to fight in the front lines but instead could do his military service in the save base far away from the front lines.

Not far away is another former airfield “Oberwiesenfeld” (1906) on a former military barracks area which today is also covered by the Olympiapark Munich.

  The museum also displays rocket technic and offers the chance to start a rocket in a 5 m. high tube with the help of compressed air. Sheila of course had to inflate the pressure tank and make the rocket fly.

Pionier Otto Lilienthal is also commemorated with a street name in the town of Ottobrunn next to Munich, close to the AIRBUS and EADS companies in Ottobrunn.

  in an eerie neighborhood with many cameras, antennas and mysterious buildings. If you are lucky you can see helicopters perform stunts above the neighboring fields, causing a lot of noise.

Messerschmid airospace merged with Bölkow Blom and became MBB after WWII and later EADS.

To accomplish the day of the Aviators Sheila had a excellent  “Route 66 Dinner Buffet at the” Hilton at the Munich Airport at the Charles Lindbergh restaurant. (next to the bar where they have the Volkswagen Doppelpass TV Sport Show every Sunday about the Bundesliga.


Lat: 48.2460480 Long: 11.5571394

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