Short after the start of WW II Georg Elser, a carpenter who had also been working in the watch industry producing cases for the watches,  tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler  at the 8.11.1939 and several other heads of the N.S.D.A.P in the “Bürgerbräukeller” in Munich, a place where striking speeches of Nazi heads had been held. Another big beer palace in Munich like the Hofbräuhaus at that time. Hitlers “Marsch auf die Feldherrnhalle” started here.

The Bürgerbräukeller no longer exists, the remains were torn down in the 1970’s and now there are a new built hotel and business building at that place. Elser is commemorated with a memorial plate on the compound and a exhibition window on the outside of the administration and library building of the “Gasteig”, a multifunctional building with a concert hall.

Hitler was lucky that day, as he left earlier after a speech than expected. Georg Elser was arrested, mistreated, tortured but did not receive a formal trial. He was braught to the NAZI Concentration Camp Dachau

where he stayed until 20 days before the camp was freed by the Americans. He was shot/murdered by the sore losers at the 9. April 1945 in Dachau without a formal lawsuit. In the cells in the KZ Dachau where he was bared, information panels have been set up.

 The Gasteig Concert hall near the former Bürgerbräukeller.

April 1926 Dr. Goebbels, after having been invited by  Adolf Hitler held a striking 2 1/2 hour speech in the Bürgerbräukeller. He received a lot of applause and a hug of Hitler who had tears in his eyes. Goebbels was reprimanded soon later though by Hitler as he again could not stop to promote his socialistic ideas.

Dr. Goebbels, decendig from a catholic middle class family from the Rheinland with contacts to intellectual Jews after years of a busy student live (Philologi, Germanistic, History 1919-20 also in Munich) in relative poverty, and with depressive periods graduated 1921 as a Dr. Phil. During his student live and  even after his graduation he was always lacking money which probably also caused him to loose his beloved girlfriend. It took some years working in different jobs (also in a bank and as a writer) during the inflation time until he finally got on his feet and made a carreer in the NAZI familiy in western Germany as he turned out to be a brilliant speaker. At the start he did not like the NAZIS as he wrote 1921: “Seh ich nur ein Hakenkreuz, krieg ich schon zum Kacken Reiz” (if I see a swastika, I have to poop)

Here are some swastica examples, visible in Munich. The symbol is not an exclusive NAZI Symbol, quite abundant in Asia too as a Symbol of the sun.

It was not Hitlers concept, to harm the industry much or the old noble society. Propaganda was more important for the means than boring intellectual discussions. A lesson, which more intellectual Dr. Goebbels still had to learn. So the Dr. posponed those ideas and indulged in the advantages of a live under the by Goebbels adored and considered “divine” star Hitler.

Dr. Goebbels nickname “Der Bock von Babelsberg” (the buck/stallion of Babelsberg) who used his position as propaganda minister to get in touch with many young and beautiful actresses (his toys) as he had a lot of influence on the german film industy. Goebbels himselve appeares in the Disney cartoon “Der Fuehrer’s Face” as the man who playes the trombone, a kind of extra long, shining trumpet. While poor Donald has to work 48′ hour shifts in his nightmare. (this man has too)

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