lower, Zugspitze


Austria (here Bundesland “Tirol” also possesses a part of the Zugspitze summit plateau but only a lower and smaller part. The austrian buildings such as the summit station of their gondola cableway are more like hanging on the side of the mountain. Crossing the border is easy, Sheila did not have to show her passport.


Sheila_IMG_1154 Picture on the austiran side, covered passage to the gondola cableway.

Austria 2013

Luck Duck Sheila in Austria at the Plansee/Tirol 2013; popular lake for scuba diving, but cold

Luck Duck Sheila in Austria at the Plansee/Tirol 2013; popular lake for scuba diving, but cold

The Plansee is situated close to the German Border and there is a nice road connection from Germany/”Ammertal” to Austria. The pass over (“Ammersattel” 1118 m) through a wild mountain valley is very popular amongst bickers and runs by castel “Schloß Linderhof” on the German side. The start of the river “Ammer” is often said to be here, but that is wrong, the Ammer starts east from “Linderhof” where the river “Linder” sinks into the ground an reappeares as “Ammer”

The Plansee is at a hight of about 980 m and in winter completely covered with ice. The lake is privately owned. The lake is connected to another lake  by a channel, the “Heiterwanger See” and both lakes provide water for an electrical power plant. Therefore the level alters during different seasons. There are hikes round both lakes and a pedestrian bridge crosses the channel. The water is extremely clear, cold and popular for scuba diving and camping. There are several camping lots round the two lakes.

On the lakes operates one of the highest situated commercial ship-lines in Austria only during summer season. Of course Sheila had to use that service.

Sheila_Austria_Plansee_Boat3 Sheila_Austria_Plansee_Boat6

Sheila on the “Heiterwanger” See                                                      on the channel between the two lakes under the pedestrian bridge

Sheila_Austria_Plansee_Boat5 Sheila_Austria_Plansee_Boat7

Sheila on the “Plansee”                                                                         with a sports sail boat

Sheila_Austria_Plansee_Boat4 Sheila_Austria_Plansee_Boat1

On the Plansee on the ship railing                                                     and inside the small boat (diesel driven)

Sheila_Austria_Plansee_Boat2 Sheila checking the safety equipment.

Former President of Bavaria, Max Streibl (born in Oberammergau), after beeing toppled by the CSU under brilliant speaker Edmund Stoiber was seen here hiking along the deep dark lake and on the boat deep in his thoughts after the “Amigo-Affäre” (Nepotism which started under Franz Josef Strauß, nobody would have dared to critisize Strauß in that way). (famous quote short before Streibl had to resign 1993: “Saludos Amigos” or another one about the bavarian police “Es ist bayerische Art etwas härter hinzulangen” (bavarian police tends to hit harder) after a police deployment during a demonstration (Münchner Kessel).



In a restaurant in Passau (Austria), overlooking Passau (Germany)

In a restaurant in Passau (Austria), overlooking Passau (Germany)



Andrine and her new French friend outside one of the university buildings in Vienna (Austria).

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