Chu Chi Hồ Chí Minh

Unfortunately Ulrich once again went astray in the Duck Weed Business and had to duck to get away from the authorities. He mysteriously vanished after this picture was taken in front of this Memorial of honorable Hồ Chí Minh at the Chu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam.

US troops worked hard to clear the extensive multi level tunnel system used by the Vietcong with explosives, CS – gas and flooding.

上海 Steamed Duck

Friends braught home this picture form Shanghai, China. They also saw a giant Duck in a pond, though I don’t know if it is the one mentionend in this CCTV news. The Duck did not last for long, it is a fluffy, tasty backery, kind of like a “Dampfnudel“. There are numerous videos on the web on how to bake shaped yeast dumplings.

From August 1946 to January 1947 27 german citizens were charged in Shanghai with committing  war crimes in WW II in the Shanghai war crime cases and 21 where sentenced and braught to US War Criminal Prison No. 1, prison Landsberg. After retrials in the US supreme Courts all sentences where repudiated and the last convicted persons released in Landsberg 1950.



Ulrich, after doing time in Stadelheim went checking out new opportunities in the Asian Duck Weed Business and therefore went on a business trip to Singapore after Sheila liked it here some years ago.

He found this lovely christmas tree decoration in the botanical garden which made him feel a little bit at home. There is a selection of christmas tree balls of all Bundesliga Clubs. Merchandising is big international business. There is a nearly almost traditional 2km path of decorated christmas trees in the park and now also a new donation programme “Give to the Garden” aiming to rise funds for the Garden’s research, education and other needs. (THE STRAITSTIMES 29.11.2016)

p1000202 p1000164

And he found other promising weeds.

p1000361 p1000331

Later he had a Tiger beer at the popular “Clarkes Quay” and tea in one of the many huge shopping malls.

p1000297 img_2523 img_2522 He had a wonderful Black Forest Cake (respectively a Black Forest Roll) in the legendery splendid “Fullerton Hotel

Ulrich was also able to free and take home one of the limited edition Fullerton Santa Bears and by that donating some money to the “Food from the Heart” initiative in which the “Fullerton Chefs for a cause” participated with the charity Buffet Dinner at the Town restaurant. Urich insists, that this donated money did not steem from tax evasion and that he is no welfare scrounger (“Sozialschmarotzer”).

He also enjoyed the Indian quarter.

p1000348Ulrich also visited the Gardens by the Bay with the artificial trees, the canopy walk and the greenhouses.

p1000018 p1000044

Luang Prabang, Laos, north

Laos 055

As Sheila likes to travel on ships she had many oppertunities to do so in Laos. She went on a cruise from Luang Prabang with “Shompoo Cruise” and enjoyed the spectacular river and landscape on the way.

Laos 159Along the river she stayed in the Pakbeng Lodge in Pakbeng with a nice view.

Laos 231 This pictures shows Sheila next to the Pak Ou Caves with thousands of Buddha Statues in it.


Wat Phou Temple, Laos south-west


The Wat Phou Temple together with the landscape of Campasak is a world cultural heritage site in the south-western province Champasak in Laos bordering Thailand and Cambodia. It used to have a street connection to Ancor Wat in Cambodia and was set up the Khmer.

Not far away is the Tad Yuang waterfall 40 km away from the city of Pakse which also has an airport.

Laos 925

In that area the Mekong river can reach significant widths as the following picture of Sheila shows.

Laos 786


Don Khong Island Lokomotive

Laos 857

As Sheila saw Ulrich at Johanna E6904 she became jealous and had to make up for that and visited an old lokomotive on the Don Khong Island in the south of Laos close to Cambodia. It was left there by the frensh who installed a railway to pass by the Sumphamith waterfall and the Khone Papheng waterfall which could not been overcome by ships. The area is also known as the “4000 islands”.  Sheila was again very lucky as she could even (for some seconds) see some sweet water dolphins in the Mekong river.

Sheila at the historic lokomotive                                   and Khone Papheng werterfall, biggest waterfall of south eastern Asia

Laos_Island_Don_Kong    Laos_Khone_Phapheng

Laos Wat Xieng Thong


The Royal temple Wat Xieng Thong (royal timple until 1975) is one of the major tourist sites in Laos. The temple of the golden city is situated in the town Luang Phrabang along the Mekong river.



Chiang Rai Mai Tai


Before going on a trip through Laos, Asia Sheila stayed only one night in Chiang Rai in north eastern Thailand and enjoyed a Mai Tai straight from the Annanas at the Wiang Inn Hotel. It’s got a lot of rum in it and it is stated that it was invented by Trader Vic (Victor Bergeron) 1944 …. and no other “…dirty stincker“. Trader Vic’s bars combinated with restaurants exist all over the world. There is one Bangkok too, now in the Anantara Riverside Resort. When I was there before it was operated by Marriott and I had forgotten to take Sheila on that trip. I had a tasty dinner there with roasted duck chops in wraps (sorrry) at the banks of the river with a splendid view on Bangkok at night.

There is also a Trader Vic’s in Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, Germany.

Thailands Princess, Royal Highness Maha Chakri Sirindhorn recently visited the Fuggerei in Augsburg, Germany.

Bangkok Airport Novotel


On her way back from a trip through Laos Sheila enjoyed a short stay in the Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel. She enjoyed a Tiger beer at the pool bar while remembering another gorgious trip before going on a long flight back home. She did not have the time to visit fascinating Bangkok but at least she can say she was in Thailand since I forgot to take her about 5 years ago.

At the start of her trip Sheila stayed in the “Montien Hotel” in the city for one night.

Laos 001 before she went back to the Bangkok airport to continue to northern Thailand Chiang Rai. Sheila admired the orchids in the airport in Bangkok.

Laos 020



Cambodia Angkor Wat Luck Duck Sheila

Sheila_Kambotscha 556

Luck Duck Sheila returned to Cambodia for the second time 2015 to visit more of the important tourist highlights.

Tourism is the second most important source of income in the constitutional monarchy Kingdom of Cambodia with about 15 Million inhabitants. Most popular destination is the famous and gigantic temple complex Angkor Wat. The capital and biggest city is Phnom Penh.

Sheila_Kambotscha_Titel  Sheila_Kambotscha 531

Sheila also had to visit the tmple complex Angkor Thom.

Sheila_Kambotscha 255  and the Royal Palace in Phnom Peng.

Sheila_Kambotscha 378 Sheila_Kambotscha 133




2015 Luck Duck Sheila had another chance to visit Vietnam. This time she could spent more time in Vietnam and enjoyed some top tourist sites.

Such as the famous Ha Long Bay where she went on a boat trip.

Sheila_Vietnam 493

Sheila in Ho-Chi-Minh City formerly called and still known under the name Saigon. About 7 million live in the city district. It was the capital of Vietnam until 1975 and is situated at the Saigon River.

Sheila_Vietnam 643        Sheila_Vietnam 490

.Sheila back in Chau Doc, in another hotel of Victoria Group            Sheila discovered this beautifull Black Fores Cake in Vietnam.

In Northern Vietnam Luck Duck Sheila went on a boat tour in the famous Ha Long Bay which she really enjoyed.

Sheila_Vietnam 116       Sheila_Vietnam 115

Sheila_Vietnam 070  Temple of Literature, Hanoi.

Myanmar, Burma, Birma Luck Duck Sheila 2014


Thanks to a friend Luck Duck Sheila had the possibility to do further reseach on the subject “Black Forest Cake” worldwide, in “Myanmar” (“Republik of the Union of Myanmar”), formerly called and still known under the names “Burma” or “Birma”.

From 1962 Myanmar was ruled by a military regime, which 2011 installed a civil President as head of the state. (current leader: “Thein Sein”) Well known is the member of the opposition party and Peace Nobel-Price Winner “Aung San Suu Kyi”. The seat of the government is no longer the city of “Yangoon” (with about 4.5 million inhabitants) but “Naypyidaw” so for me it’s not clear which town is the capital now.

Sheila_IMG_5678Inle Lake, swamp area.


Shwedagon Pagode, in “Yangoon” under construction, under a  bamboo  scaffolding. Still a impressive site.

Sheila_IMG_5332 Sheila_IMG_5227 Sheila_IMG_5226

This picture of this fabulous “Black Forest Cake” was taken on the first day of Luck Duck Sheila’s stay in Yangoo, Myanmar in the hotel right after check-in.


If you are interested in Punk Rock and hurry up, the well known german Band “Die Toten Hosen” (The Dead Trousers) are on stage in Myanmar at the 6. th of December 2014 “A SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT ANNIVERSARY”. Luck Duck Sheila is a long time fan of the “Die Toten Hosen”. The event is organised by the German embassy to celebrate the friendship between Germany and Myanmar. A true enrichment for the culture in Myanmar, Sheila says. Something to follow on the media.

Die Toten Hosen

Abu Dhabi


Sheila Abu Dhabi Heritage Village Museum

Abu Dhabi (“father of the gazelle”) refers to a gazelle which was seen drinking from a sweet water spring on an island in the persian gulf by a hunting group. Sweet water is extremly rare in the region so the tribe decided to set up a camp here and later a fort. That became the core of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi hosts several temporary top tourist sites and is a Formular One Race site too.

Despite it’s enormous size Sheila thinks the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the most beautiful and harmonic building she has ever seen. The spotless white marble building and court must look like a juwel from above. It’s the third biggest mosque worldwide and it host’s serveral superlatives: the worlds biggest carpet and the worlds biggest chandelier. Fomer Sheikh Zayed was Emir of Abu Dhabi and one of the founders of the United Arabien Emirates and their first president. The mosque is open for tourists most of the time (not during prayer times) but as it is a place for prayer suitable clothing and behaviour is required. Individual travellers without adequate clothing might be lended some coats by the helpful staff but I hear, not whole groups. No shoes are allowed in any mosque. There is an important library too.

Sheila Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheila Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheila Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheila on the shoe shelve in the big court of the mosque.

Sheila Abu Dhabi Heritage Village Museum

Sheila Abu Dhabi in the Heritage Village Museum; they hosted some real Ducks there too.


After talking to her bank consultant Luck Duck Sheila decided to blow her pension plan and to work some years longer as a travelling duck. She lost her mind and spend some time in the worlds most luxurius hotel Burj Al Arab to hit another superlative.

Luck Duck Sheila in the Burj al Arab on her golden Throne at her golden Fountain.

Luck Duck Sheila in the Burj al Arab on her golden throne at her golden fountain.

Sheila Dubai Burj Al Arab

Sheila on the Bar in her suite in the Burj Al Arab preparing the sun downer.

Sheila liked the nice view over the ocean and the carpet on the stairway.


Sheila at the beach in front of the Burj Al Arab checking the skies for the delivery of Formula 1 Star Couthard’s race car (Red Bull) to the heliport on top of the Burj Al Arab but she missed it by a view days. And the Donuts too. Tiger Woods had been shooting some balls from the famous heliport into the Persian Gulf and Andre Agassi and Roger Federer 2007 practised tennis on the heliport. (worlds highest tennis court at that time, only temporary installed)


As a passionate traveller Luck Duck Sheila as well had to visit the highest building of the world Burj Khalifa (a little more then 828 m and not about 829 m as mentioned before; it was important for the investor to have the 8’s in the number.  )

Sheila Dubai Burj Khalifa

Sheila Dubai Burj Khalifa

Sheila Dubai Burj Khalifa

Sheila Dubai Burj Khalifa viewing platform in 452 m height


Australia 1993/94 world trip

1993 and 1994 Luck Duck Sheila went on a trip round the world. She came through the following countries:

Taiwan, Hong Kong where Sheila used the Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island several times (here is a song to listen to), China, Macao, Australia, New Zealand, Fidji, USA. Unfortunately her photagrapher didn’t appreciate her enough at that time so she only got one picture in Australia. But she was treated nice: she had a nice Cristmas celebration on Fidji Island, New Years Eve in Los Angeles, a balloon trip in Australia, helped learning diving on the Flying Dutchman at the Great Barrier Reef close to the Whitsunday Island, Australia, was amazed about the thriving, booming China and Macao, and enjoyed the corals and beaches on Fidji Island. And yes, she crawled up on Ayers Rock at the end of one of the rare days when they had some rain there. Therefore and because it was late, there was nobody up there exept her and me. We returned save and sound just before darkness after a wonderful sunset.



Swiss Garden Hotel

Luck Duck Sheila in Malaysia 2010; Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuantan east Malaysia/main peninsula. She duck into a nice piece of Black Forest Cake in the Lobby. Black Forest Cake is very popular in Asia. Sheila was a bit scared when she watched the Orang Uthans in Borneo as they ran free between the spectators but she liked the canopy walk in the Jungle.


Luck Duck Sheila in Malaysia 2010; Swiss Garden Hotel, east Malaysia


Sri Lanka

The area was hit badly by a Tsunami just one week later.

Luck Duck Sheila in Sri Lanka 2004 beginning of December

People were fishing at the beach, pulling in big nets with only a small result for so many people and such hard work.

Luck Duck Sheila in Sri Lanka 2004

Luck Duck Sheila in Sri Lanka 2004 on the hotel terrace.

We were lucky that time, because we barely left the country two weeks before the terrible Tsunami struck big parts of Asia and the beach where we stayed as well.

Indonesia 2013

Luck Duck Sheila in Indonesia Bali 2013

Luck Duck Sheila in Indonesia Bali 2013

Luck Duck Sheila in Indonesia Java 2013

Luck Duck Sheila in Indonesia Java 2013

Victoria Hotel in Chau Doc

Luck Duck Sheila in Vietnam Chau Doc 2012, close to Cambodian border

Luck Duck Sheila in Vietnam Chau Doc 2012, close to Cambodian border

Sheila stayed in the lovely Victoria Hotel in Chau Doc close to the Cambodian border which belongs to a group which operates a luxury train in Asia as well as the ferry service from Vietnam to Phnum Peng Cambodia. The hotel offers a spledid view over some rivers in the Mekong delta with a lot of action on the river with all kinds of boats and villages on the other side built into the river on wooden plattforms.

Phnom Penh


As it ist one of Luck Duck Sheilas biggest pleasure, to collect countries, she went on a day boat trip on a speed boat to Phnum Peng/Cambodia starting from the vietnamese border. Border formalities in Cambodia and Vietnam where formal, but she could play with the roaster and chicken after leaving the boat for the immigration control.

Leaving hadding back to Vietnam

Luck Duck Sheila in Cambodia 2012 having lunch and a drop of beer in the Phnum Peng harbor

Luck Duck Sheila in Cambodia 2012 having lunch and a drop of beer in the Phnum Peng harbor

Since we only had 2 hours in Phnum Peng we had to rush to get a glimpse of the Royal Palace (preparations for the burial of the former king were going on), to visit the museum with artefacts form Ancor Wat and tor write a view postcards. But the boat trip on the Mekong river offered many wonderful inside views into the live of the peasants. Ox carriages, fishermen, ferries filled with bycicles and all kinds of livestock on the way as well as some new big bridge construction over the Mekong turned the trip into a movie show.



Check out this campain from Heineken: How to survive “dropped” in the jungle on a  Duck.

Maldive Islands

Luck Duck Sheila on Maledive Islands 1996 directing the crew of the scuba dive cusade boat

Luck Duck Sheila on Maledive Islands 1996 directing the crew of the scuba dive crusade boat

Singapore Sands and Raffles bar

Luck Duck Sheila in Singapore 2012 enjoying the Marina Sands rooftop pool, cool

Luck Duck Sheila in Singapore 2012 enjoying the Marina Sands rooftop pool, cool

Yes, she dopped the shells of her peanuts on the floor !!

Luck Duck Sheila in Singapore 2012 having a drink at the Raffles LongBar. Yes, she dropped her peanuts and shells on the floor.

The Raffles bar is one of the view places in Singapore where you can drop garbadge on the floor (peanut shells) and not beeing fined. It’s a tradition. Famous drink of the Raffles bar is the Singapore Sling.

Luck Duck Sheila in Singapore 2012 in the botanical garden

Luck Duck Sheila in Singapore 2012 in the botanical garden

Luck Duck Sheila in Singapur 2012 with Marina Sands in the background;

Luck Duck Sheila in Singapur 2012 with Marina Sands in the background;

IMG_7965    IMG_7964

Sheila also enjoyed the Singapore airport a lot. Passengers can rent little rooms with decent comfort by the hour for acceptable prices and can also take advantage of the rooftop pool inside the airport terminal. Smoking is strictly forbidden and will be punished with fines up to 1.000.000 $ to avoid evacuations of the airport. Sheila hasn’t seen a airport terminal before where you can walk through the halls in swimsuit. The pool offers a limited view over the airport and runways and they even got a pool bar were your can enjoy a suitable “Singapore Sling” before you continue your trip.

The Black Forest Cake in Singapore was OK too though it didn’t contain the usual cherry spirit.


Artsakh republic visa

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Armenian: Լեռնային Ղարաբաղի Հանրապետություն Lernayin Gharabaghi Hanrapetut’yun), or Artsakh Republic is a de facto independent republic located in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the South Caucasus. It controls most of the territory of the former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast and several Azerbaijani districts adjacent to the borders of Azerbaijan with Armenia to the west and Iran to the south.


Ağdam is a town in the southwestern part of Azerbaijan and the capital of its Agdam Rayon.

In July 1993, after heavy fighting, Agdam was captured by the forces of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic during its 1993 summer offensives. As the town fell, its entire population fled eastwards.

In the immediate aftermath of the fighting, the Armenian forces destroyed much of Agdam to prevent its recapture by Azerbaijan. More damage occurred in the following decades when the deserted town was looted for building materials. Agdam is currently a ruinous, uninhabited ghost town. The town’s large mosque also survives in bad condition.




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