Las Vegas




Auburn, California


Downieville, California

Downieville is a the county seat of Sierra County, California, United States. Downieville sits at an elevation of 904 m and has a population of 282 (!).

Downieville was settled in late 1849 during the California Gold Rush and was first known as “The Forks” for its geographical location. It was shortly thereafter renamed after the town’s founder, Major William Downie (1820-1893), a Scotsman who led an expedition of nine miners up the North Fork of the Yuba River and who was the town’s first mayor.

Downieville reached a peak population of over 5,000 people in 1851 but declined sharply by 1865. Downieville is situated at the confluence of the Downie River and North Fork of the Yuba River.

Downieville was vying to become the state capital of California along with fifteen other California communities in 1853 before the capital was moved to Benicia, and then shortly thereafter its current location in Sacramento.


Brandy City, California

Brandy City is a former town in Sierra County, California. It had a population of 3000, but got abandoned in the 1930s.

Nothing’s left, except a few grave stones. The “road” leading to Brandy City is a rather rough track.



Big A Drive In, Grass Valley



1988 Sheila was back in the USA travelling through south-western states. Missouri, Kansas, NewMexiko, Oklahoma. In Oklahoma she visited the Cowboy Hall of Fame, close to Oklahoma City.

Luck Duck Sheila literally drove through the biggest McDonald’s world wide at this time which was built clear across a freeway. (interstate 44 Will Rodgers Turnpike). It is also nown as Glass House McDonald’s. It dates back to 1957. Not sooner than 2012 it’s size was beaten by a temporary McDonalds restaurant in London GB. By the way, did you know that the companies original sign was only one arch, not an M? Some rare restaurants still use the old sign in the USA for historic reasons. (I think there is one with the old sign in Sugar Creek MO on highway 24). And here is a striking , convincing theory about the real meaning of the new M-shaped symbol. (Beavis and Butthead sure agree)


Sheila_USA_Oklahoma4 Will Rogers a celebrity at his time worked as Cowboy, Circus Performer, Fancy Trick Roping Artist, Actor, Comedian and writer (born 1879-1935 died in a airplane crash), Polo Player, Aviator. Several airports are named after this man, (f.e. Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City). Many quotes are connected with him, here is one that Luck Duck Sheila really likes: “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging“.


On the road in Oklahoma on the way back to Kansas City in good old Betsy (the name of the car, which sounded like castanets in every turn)


New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns

1988 Luck Duck Sheila was back in the USA travelling through south-western states. Missouri, Kansas, NewMexiko, Oklahoma. She even crossed the border  to Mexico at Nuevo Laredo Texas for a day and a Tiquila, just one but it was strong. She also enjoyed speaking to Shamu the killer Wale in Sea World, San Antonio Texas.

Sheila was amazed by the thousands and thousands of bats flying out of Carlsbad Carverns in New Mexico in the evening. She walked through the gigantic cave and was impressed.





Padre Island, Texas

1988 Sheila was back in the USA travelling through south-western states. Missouri, Kansas, NewMexiko, Oklahoma. She even crossed the border to Mexico at Nuevo Lared for a day and a Tiquila, just one but it was strong.

Here you can see us on Padre Island, Texas, Gulf Coast.



Mesa Verde

On her first trip to the USA 1985 Sheila went westwards starting from Independence Missouri. She came through Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexiko, Utah. We walked down to Indian Gardens in the Grand Canyon too, starting from South Rim. She also passed Monument Valley on the US163 but didn’t stop there at that time (much later called Forest Gump road s.trip 2005). In Colorada she visited the Great Sand Dunes National Park at Alamosa and Mesa Verde National Park, the ony park in the USA which protects a archiological site, the former home of the Anasazi people. (world cultural heritage site)

Here Sheila joins me at one of the overlook places of Mesa Verde after we walked through the ruins.


Sheila USA 1985 Missouri

On her first trip to the USA 1985 Sheila supervised my driving lessons on the Mount Washington Cemetery in Independence Missouri. Good thing about taking driving lessons in the USA: Every grown up holder of a drivers license can give you driving lessons. And you can start getting lessons when you are just 16 years old without having to pay for a licened professional teacher.  And there are no pedestrians on the streets of a big cemetery which limits the physical damage you can do.


Sheila has traveled a lot in Missouri, including the Ozark Mountain, Jamestown where she visited the Amish people, Branson where she saw the Great Passion Play. There are many historic places in Missouri, Jessy James “worked” here, there are some historic battle fields from the civil war and it was also the starting point of tracks to the west as well as of the Pony Express, Benjamin Stales.

Here is a picture which was taken close to Jamestown on another trip to the USA 1987 or 1988.


USA 2005 Forest Gump Road

In 2005 Sheila went on another USA trip (6’th) through western USA she was longing for for a long time. She went to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon North Rim where she went down in the canyon a view hundred meters, Colorado National Park, up on Pikes Peak, Wind Cavern, Yellowstone Park, Lilly Lake, Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake Antelope Island, Grand Staircase Of The Escalante, Antelope Canyon (beware of drunken drivers who take you on trucks to the Canyon), Glen Canyon, Arches National Park, La Sal Mountains, Canyonland National Park Dead Horse Point, Las Vagas, Hover Dam…. just to name some highlights

and Monument Valley as well. It’s the set of many famous movies and belongs to the native people. After she made a nice walk between the impressive red rocks, this time other then before 1985 she took a short break on her way out along the US163 road which is known als the Forest Gump Road. That is the spot where Forest ended his running period.

Luck Duck Sheila in USA 2005 stop at the Forest Gump Road

Luck Duck Sheila in USA 2005 stop at the Forest Gump Road

Sergio Leone famous for his spathetti westerns which he coined with his stile produced some scenes of the Once upon a Time Trilogy in the area

1971 Duck, You Sucker (german: “Todesmelodie”

1968 “C’era una volta il West”, (engl. “Once Upon a Time in the West“, german: Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod)

1984 “Once upon a Time in America

films which appear in lists of the greatest films of all the times. Sheila also enjoys the music of Ennio Morricone a lot.

The scene where the femal hero Jil and the nameless avenger (“Mundharmonica” mouth-organ) say goodby has a complete different meaning in english and german and I prefer the german version as ist suits much better to the stereotype role of the avenger.

Jill: “I hope you come back some day”

answer of the nameless avenger: “Some day”

German version:

Jill: “Sweetwater warted auf Dich” (Sweetwater is waiting for you)

avenger: “Irgendeiner wartet immer” (somebody is always waiting)



Australia 1993/94 world trip

1993 and 1994 Luck Duck Sheila went on a trip round the world. She came through the following countries:

Taiwan, Hong Kong where Sheila used the Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island several times (here is a song to listen to), China, Macao, Australia, New Zealand, Fidji, USA. Unfortunately her photagrapher didn’t appreciate her enough at that time so she only got one picture in Australia. But she was treated nice: she had a nice Cristmas celebration on Fidji Island, New Years Eve in Los Angeles, a balloon trip in Australia, helped learning diving on the Flying Dutchman at the Great Barrier Reef close to the Whitsunday Island, Australia, was amazed about the thriving, booming China and Macao, and enjoyed the corals and beaches on Fidji Island. And yes, she crawled up on Ayers Rock at the end of one of the rare days when they had some rain there. Therefore and because it was late, there was nobody up there exept her and me. We returned save and sound just before darkness after a wonderful sunset.



USA 2011

Luck Duck Sheila in USA/Virginia 2011 Blue Ridge Mountains Skyline Drive

Luck Duck Sheila back in USA/Virginia in 2011 Blue Ridge Mountains Skyline Drive not far from the Skyline Caverns home of the extinct Valentine Beetle (sad story).

On the tour through the cave I learned that all found samples of Pseudanophthalmus were caught and brought to the Smithsonian Institute after their discovery in the cave. No other beetle of the species has been seen by humans in the cave after that.

Sheila went to USA for her 7’th time, this time through the east after visiting good friends in Kansas City. She went through Pennsylvania, Washington City, Maryland, Virgina, North Carolina, Delawere, New Yersey and showed her sympathy with the victims of 9/11 in New York. She had been on world trade center 1986 so she thought she should go there again even though it was only for one day. The picture was taken on the Blue Ridge Mountains along a country road. Sheila saw a Black Bear directly on the road, probably one of the bears who gets too close to people and who will turn into a (s. Edmund Soiber, Bavarian President:) “Problembär“.



Times Square, New York

Times Square is the site of the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop. On December 31, 1907, a ball signifying New Year’s Day was first dropped at Times Square, and the Square has held the main New Year’s celebration in New York City ever since. On that night, hundreds of thousands of people congregate to watch the Waterford Crystal ball being lowered on a pole atop the building (though not to the street, as is a common misconception), marking the new year

Having a drink later the same night at the Hilton Times Square:

New York

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu - overlooking Waikiki beach

Honolulu - overlooking Waikiki beach

Honolulu - overlooking the city and Waikiki beach

Honolulu - overlooking the city and Waikiki beach

The Hawaiian duck family

The Hawaiian duck family

San Francisco, California

San Francisco skyline

San Francisco skyline

Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate bridge

On the Harbor boat

On the Harbor boat

San Francisco tram

San Francisco tram

San Francisco harbor

San Francisco harbor

The Castro

In the Castro!

In the Castro!

Castro - on the sidewalk

Castro - on the sidewalk

Benicia, California

Benicia - 1111 West L Street

Benicia - 1111 West L Street

Visiting Google and Yahoo in San Fransisco

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