Bird Island

As Luck Duck Sheila uses to say: There is always an even smaler Island to go to. Make sure you zoom into the map, there is something. So she also went to “Bird Island” which ist home to about a million of nesting Noddy Sea Swallows and tropical birds as well. Not to forget the good old Esmeralda (said to be the biggest, heaviest and oldest turtle). And Sheila learned, it’s a male turtle. Before landing with the 4 passanger plane with only one pilot / without Co-Pilot (regular service by Air Seychelles) Sheila had to check twice for turtles on the sandy runway and for turtle holes as well. Sheila took good care for me after I got a sun stroke while searching for egg laying turles which was a blessing. I didn’t notice too much of the almost crash landing of the 12 passangers plane due to wind shear back in Victoria. Must have been quite a site as other passengers in the airport who watched the event told us in the airport.



There is only a small resort on the island with comfortable, one appartement Bungalows with openings in the roof with open Ventilation and no glass in the Windows, only venitian blinds. birds kept flying beween the upper and lower part of the roof waking you up in the morning. The owner takes good care for the nature there, one of the geatest places on earth by Sheilas assessment.

While fighting my way through my old pictures to find Duck photos from Spain and West-Afrika I after about 10 years came across one more picture of Sheila on Bird. What a joy.

Due to the flat beach behind the reef there are not to many swimming possibilities but you will have a beach for your own and the cuisine is excellent. There is a small farm on the island to provide for the basics. They also got some livestock their too, like chicken. It seems to be a good base for sport fishing too as we saw sport fishers with really fancy equipment.

La Digue

As Luck Duck Sheila uses to say: There is always a smaler Island to go to. So she went to La Digue Island, set of many movies.


Here She enjoyes the comfort of some drift wood at Grand Anse La Digue. She didn’t go swimming there because the waters here a very dangerous. There are casualties almost every year.


Here she sits on her most favoured rock on world famous beach Anse Source D’Argent looking for turles paddling in the water. Unfortunately the beach has become a bit too popular, over the years the corals close to the beach have suffered.




Seychelles Praslin 2002

After her first trip to the Seychelles Islands to the main Ialand Mahe Luck Duck Sheila learned, that the fine white sand would get into her feathers so she dicided, to take a air mattress the next times. She of course had to blow it up. As Sheila says there is always an even smaller island to go to she went to Praslin Island the next time.




Unfortunately there were deadly shark attacks in 2011 which I regret, I never told her, so keep it convidential.

Luck Duck Sheila on the Seychelles Islands 2002 at worlds best beach Anse Latio after taking a dip.

I never told her about the shark incidents 2011, so keep it convidential. If you look down on Pralin beach these days from the google satelite, you will find out, that they have set up ugly protection nets against the sharks. Something Sheila deeply regrets.


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